Tracy Miller — Buffalo, New York

What do you get when you have a 40-something “woman” who has 4 kids by 3 baby daddies and wants to pretend she is one of the Hilton sisters? You get Tracey Miller of Buffalo, NY. This thot is from a blue collar city and wants people to think she’s a Miami high roller. She has 2 kids from marriage #1 to a local rock star turned very successful race car driver. He paid for her to open a store in the 716 that quickly went under because she has no business sense. Next, she got knocked up by a dude in Rochester whom she ended up leaving for baby daddy #3. She met this dude at her work and quickly ditched Rochester when she found work dude made more loot. Her body is covered in bad tattoos that she lets bake in the sun year round. She thinks she is a Gwen Stefani lookalike. Biggest gripe with her is that she is constantly trying to make people feel belittled to her. She always has to talk about how much money she has, her fancy cars, purses, shoes, ect. Girl. you live in BUFFALO. The 716 is all about blue collar. Go try to live your life in a real city like NYC or L.A. – You could never. You get your money from your baby daddies, nothing you should be proud of. GET OVERYOURSELF, HOE.

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