Sabrina Libby – Rome, New York

Sabrina Libby is the one who you have to look out for she pretended to be a sweetheart and geniune friend but then she took my husband and moved him into her apartment to pay her bills because she’s so desperate to have a man in her life she pretends to listen to your problems so she can collect information so she can sink her vulture claws into your man. She lives in Rome but is around the Utica area.

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  1. When she lived in the Utica area, Sabrina Libby heard a saying that “when in Rome…” so she moved to Rome, N,Y. She’s a very good listener and when she heard some womens man say he would pay her bills, she new she had truly arrived in Rome! Nothing could be sweeter, more heartfelt, than hearing her new man say the sweetest words she could ever imagine, “I’ll take care of you, my love.”

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