Michael Lumb — Auburn, New York

this lil boy is the ultimit dirtbag….a liar cheater master manipulater with a micro baby d**k…..hes obsessed with his ex baby momma Stephanie Buttaro likes his baby dicj tickked with her mustach not only did he have a girkfriend while he slam pigged his ms puff ex he has a side s**t too Shantelle Currier or Trud cuz the side s**t is married with a r****d for a child…..,he loves d****s in his a*s games and not takeno care of his two innocent children….he lets his children call other men daddy…his house looks like hoarders hes definition of sleeze trash…….beware of mcslutbag h**l lie cheat to get whatever he wants with his micro d**k.

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  1. Arsenio Hall said: “…unfortunately, we all didn’t get oak trees…”
    This means, if you were given a micro-d**k, you just have to work with what you got. Michael Lumb came up with a little game to increase his chances with girls who like the monster c***s, and other s***s, he bamboozles them for a chance to get his d**k wet. Probably, if he had a choice, he would ask for more length and girth. But without considering surgery, he chooses the bullshit route and perhaps he can convert one of these s***s to his side if he promises to keep a fridge full of cucumbers. It’s his method, maybe not the best but, he’s afraid of doctors.

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