Linda J Dawkin – New York

Linda J Dawkin of the Browns, 178 street has been having an affair with Colette e Douglas of the Bronx, for more than five years. Her boyfriend and this man are best friends but he does not know. They have been texting, sending pictures and calling each other at least thirty times a day. I saw the texts messages and pictures between them. He denied an affair and said he would never date a low-class woman like her. He said she was someone he knew because she was the girlfriend of three of his friends. He said ” that kind of woman means nothing to me she is just the boy’s girl” Linda go with boy toys just for liquors and cigarettes, that is all she is value. She told Douglas’s wife that he is a friend of the family. so I guess it’s ok to sleep with a friend of the family. She continues to call and text him and also do the same to his wife. This woman loves to go with marrying men. beware of her with ur husband. This woman is soon to be sixty years old lies about her age and would go with whoever would buy a drink for her. Beware, men and women, she doesn’t care if the men she goes after are married to have girlfriends. She cheats on her boyfriends with their friends. think twice before agetting into a relationship with her. Girlfriends are careful, she doesn’t care who she sleeps with or who she hurts.

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