Lauren Smeke — New York

Yes You were right about me

I feel like I have died
Just a shell of a person now
My chest is so tight
Feel like I could have a heart attack
Or a stroke
If anything ever happened to you I would die
I’m so sorry
I had the man I wanted forever
And I hurt him irrevocably
I will forever be in agony
Agony because your pain is my pain
Agony because I will never have the man I was meant for
The man I compare everyone against
I have killed both of us
And there is no turning back

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Truly amazing how for months you demanded respect you wanted me to stop calling you a w***e to stop calling you a pig but those names wound up fitting you like a glove I will never forgive what you did you misled me at the most perfect down disgraceful levels you truly are a sexual predator Lauren you are sociopath and you are a narcissist it’s incredible how disturbed you really are I reminded you you cannot demand respect you need to command respect and what you did over these last 11 months. Is as disgraceful dirty and ugly is one person can be i’m so glad I listen to the voice in my head I knew you weren’t right I knew there was something so dirty and disgusting about youb but I wash my hands of it now you’ve written the final chapter to what will be the biggest mistake of my life but the good news is I was right about you I knew you were a dirty w***e I knew you were a sexual predator I knew you were dirty and filthyb I can’t believe I have put my c**k inside your disease p***y I just threw up. And I’m in a take a shower and try and scrub all your filth away from my body

Your legacy is complete

I’m home
I’m so sorry for the comment tonight.
So sorry for my actions.
I hate my self for doing this to the one person I love and need and can’t live without.
I hope you can find it in your heart to reach out to me tonight. Either way I will cry myself to sleep.
What a sick and f****d up person I have been.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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