Kateryna Gudziak at Co:Collective New York is a CHEATING HOMEWRECKER

Kateryna Gudziak from New York (Wisconsin undergrad) is an ugly cheating w****. She slept with my husband AND his best friend not even realizing that I’m pregnant with twins. Kateryna Gudziak has no ethics. On top of being loose she thinks that her experience being gang raped justifies cheating on her own partner and homewrecking my marriage. Kateryna works as a “strategist” at a bottom tier company called co:collective. She regularly sleeps around and has been a w**** since she was in middle school.

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  1. When you read headlines like this: Kateryna Gudziak at Co:Collective New York is a CHEATING HOMEWRECKER, you know this is a special person. She can cheat and do whatever she wants because she was gang raped. Her logic is sound and who can blame her for wanting to get whatever she wants? She’s young and theres plenty of time to get rounded and jaded and, for now, party on girls, give that p***y to all the married guys expecting babies. The wives are too busy to take care of his needs, thats where s***s and tramps come into play.

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