John White — New York City

John White Brooklyn NYC, New York, London, Dagenham, Bedfordshire
Intuitive Spring Birchbox R/GA Firstborn

John White Creative Director. Minuteman they call him. Mr one minute missionary man. With his stinky dirty coke d**k. A three-inch p***s he can\’t keep up. Only got anywhere in life cos he trades beer and coke with other mediocre bros. No talent keeps losing jobs.

Took him five years to get his wife pregnant because his d**k is so small. Or was it because he was too busy banging other women in the bathrooms at work?

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  1. Do the creative directors meet in the ladies room, now, ad hoc meetings of the private kind, where money is exchanged for little packets of white powder? What up, dirty John, how’s it hangin’ ? !

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