Jessy Carlee Johnson — Manhattan, New York

New york model floozy axed agency sleeping with directors married men for job.

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  1. Jessy Carlee Johnson knows that allowing a little groping can get a girl in the door to sell herself to model agency. The picture she sent worked like a charm, got her calls answered and interview after interview until she found right “agent.” Check out the photo. It worked so good that she currently working with publisher to tell other girls how they can get ahead by giving to get. That’s also working title of her new ebook: Giving Ahead to Get Ahead. Pay attention girls, this one is going places and shares her winning ways,

  2. Marilyn Rodriguez was offered a part in a local, low budget adult film. SHe was flattered at first but then when she found out that it would only be distributed locally, she started having second thoughts. She subsequently turned it down. To her surprise, she was offered another part with a bigger budget and national distribution and marketing. She seemed more interested until they told her it involved a**l and midgets. The picture is her response to the offer. H**l No!

  3. Theres Jessy with Blink Matrindale
    He’s grabbing her cooch and she knows shes going to get the part
    He’s going to get something else to, her cooch been itching for 3 or 4 days
    He didn’t wear rainhat and wont be smiling for long

  4. I was suppose to get the part of w***e in new movie by Blink an this s**t Jessy sleep w*t him behind curtain number 2 behind my back. He next movie about a hooker an I want the part I was born to play an this tramp need to be exposed. Her s**t nasty an I make him wear rubber on his d**k

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