Janessa Lotemple aka Jay Victoria

Janessa Lotemple, aka Jay Victoria or Nessavictoriaa, is a known Rochester NY heroin & crack addict. Not only is she a stripper at The Barrel, she also makes amateur p**n. She sells her body for drugs in her apartment, 627 Park Ave, #15, although it is infested with bed bugs. BE CAREFUL not only has she tested positive for chlamydia & genital herpes, she also is HIV positive. Janessa catfishes frequently online as her mother, Jennifer Taaffe-Lotemple, in order to harass people.

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  1. I see her at Barrel and she said her movie was $30 and $60 if I wass in it with her. I don’t want my face in her movie and she dont share the money with me. What kind of deal is that? I tell her I pay $30 to watch her make movie with a girl but she said that will cost $80 because she has to share money with other girl. Her friend was ugly so I pass up the chance to see her.

  2. i did not see bedbugs in her apt but she was scratching her self and said she sleeps on the couch because roomate made her bed dirty and didnt do the laundry yet. shes very messy apt and some nasty smell come from the bathroom and piles of dishs all over kichen and floor very nasty

  3. I did a short scene with Janessa who goes by Jay. It was supposed to be live but the feed got screwed up and she decided to tape it instead. We smoked large and shared a ball of pepsi beforehand. Once we started she seemed very enthusiastic, but soon spaced out and just wanted to lay there and trip. She got busy with me for about two minutes and then faded. She didn’t smell fresh and I had to just go ahead and finish on her face. I wanted to get out of there. She finally paid me 30 bucks and said she would give me 10 more as soon as she sold a copy. I didn’t wait around, f**k her and the 1- bucks.

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