Evelyn Schnoop — Manhattan, New York

I dated Evelyn Schnoop and she cheated on me almost every weekend. This girl thinks she is the hottest girl in Manhattan New York and goes out every weekend to pick up. She is only 24 years old and she has been really done in for a 24-year-old if you know this w***e keep your c***s in your pants because she has all kinds of STD

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  1. Evelyn goes out so much that she has to steal clothes twice a week just to have something to wear. She going to eventually start charging guys for s*x but can’t get the social apps to really express what she wants for herself. She has checked out a bunch of them but wants something more fashion related, she wants something that updates her shopping list after she has s*x and the guy buys something on her list. She has a whole spare bedroom to store clothes on racks.

    1. The best part about all of this is she’s from the Albany, NY area. Lives with her fiancé in his house he pays for and he supports her. Gives her whatever she wants. She sleeps around and would f**k dudes in the parking lot of various nursing homes she does agency through as a CNA.

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