Edward Herbert – Eddies Auto Repair – 100 E Broadway Monticello, NY

I was drugged and raped by this man and he has been known to do this by other women. This happened when I went to have a set of tires put on my car! I waited about an hour before anyone started the car, and what seemed like a courtesy was actually a crime. He brought me a glass of water and offered it to me. It seemed odd that he would have a glass of water rather than a bottle, but I drank the water. I waited for my car for about another 15 minutes. The next thing I know I am waking up on the garage floor. Eddie Herbert is tapping me in the face saying “are you ok”. Then I freaked, and he got scared but tried to act very concernedly and offered to drive me to the hospital. But never called 911. I pulled myself together and got in my car and left. Immediately I knew I was raped because I could tell something was not right down there. When I stopped at the nearest store I went into their bathroom and checked myself. I had s***n in my panties and it dawned on me that my car was done when I awoke. This means I had to be out for at least 20 minutes. This was since they had not even started my car when he handed me the water. I went to the police and they asked me if I was attacked. I told them exactly what happened and they went to the shop. However it went, they believed him and I was told to go to the hospital for help “if I felt I needed it”. I was so shocked and p**sed off that I was going to explode! I will never leave this alone until something is done about it. Thanks, Monticello NY PD!!!

Eddie’s Auto Repair 845-794-1740

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  1. I was at Eddie’s a couple weeks ago and heard him telling another customer that he was Bill Cosby’s cousin. After reading this post, it seems there might really be a connection. I would call the newspaper and take out a late night ad on tv to let everyone in Monticello, NY know about this pervert. Let them know to get their tires rotated somewhere else and get their tune-ups somewhere else. Don’t spend a dollar with this rapist Eddie Herbert. He’ll only use the money to rape again.

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