Earl Simmons – Gouverneur, New York

i started dating him in feb of this year and he is very controlling,jealous,and manipulative.he is a great liar and very abusive.we got married a week ago and that night he got angry at me because i was ready to go home.he screamed at me and called me awful names all the way home.when we got home i went in the bedroom and locked the door,he then took the handle off the door and came in after me.he dragged me off the bed and threw me on the floor.i am handicapped and he knows due to my spinal cord it won\’t take much to cripple me from the waist down.i then grabbed my phone and tried to get away,he tackled me in the hallway and was on top of me trying to take my phone.he crushed the knuckle in my hand below my pinky finger and fractured my wrist.i got away and called the police and the cop arrested both of us because he scratched himself on the chest and told the cop i did it.he is out on bond and i have a TPO against him and a no contact order.he broke the no contact in the courtroom so i felt i needed a TPO because he did it in the courtroom what would he do out of it…he is crazy,controlling and jealous…ladies beware of my husband he could KILL YOU.i know have to get my marriage annuled…STAY AWAY FROM HIM !!! HE IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!

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  1. This POS threatened a girl at a stop sign because she didn’t accelerate quickly enough after stopping. He looked scary as h**l, like he mixed steroids and crack and his neck was all red and veins were popping out all over his neck and face. He looked back at me to see if I wanted to say something, daring me me with his bug eyes, veiny neck and bright pink shirt. He seems to always be wearing shirts that make him real noticeable, like someone might want to run him over and he glows for protection. I remember him from the gym, always thought he was gay but I guess he just hates women.

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