David McCarthy – New York

Young Irish stupid lad who stole money from my bag. I was at a house party and left my bag in a hall with $280 cash in it. When I was passing by to go up the stairs I saw him sneaking in the hall next to the table where all guests left their jackets, etc. He looked alert and uncomfortable and kneeled to wear his boots, pretending he was going outside. It looked awkward and I felt something was up. I checked my bag and the money were gone. I confronted him but of course he denied and cried like a little b***h that he never touched anyone’s stuff. Dusty miserable thief. He shall live in poverty all his life.

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  1. He was going to give it back after he hit a few scratch off tickets, which he bought with all the cash he stole from you and mostly you. He doesn’t mess with credit cards and you were the dumbest one there leaving cash on the floor. He had to get dusty looking through all the purses hidden under the coats, he almost blew his cover by sneezing. He hit one for $500 but you were mean to him and he bought a dust devil with your share of the money.

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