Brynt Merritt – New York

Brynt Merritt of New York cheats and manipulates women. Lies to you about who he is. Sends you pics of his p***s the first time you talk to him. Tells you he loves you after 3 days. He is ugly as h**l, needs his teeth fixed. Skinny piece of c**p man. Tried to play me, but I looked him up online and and he is a disgrace to the military, a disgrace to men. Hide your daughters he likes them as young as 14

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  1. Brynt not only cheats women, he also cheats himself. He was asked to be in a movie remake – Mr Rogers Neighborhood and he didn’t even try out for the part. All his kids and neighbors encouraged him, some as old as 64

  2. Brynt Merritt did try out for a movie but was rejected for the part, some say he was perverted enough for the casting consultant, PeeWee, himself. And, the working title was PeeWee C**s Back to the Theatre, not Mr Rodgers Neighborhood, dipshit. Get your facts straight if you want to post on this site, it’s being moderated for innaccuracies.

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