Alex Williams — New York

Alex is quite simply a scam artist of the worst kind, one who completely draws you in, expecting complete loyalty and fidelity on your part, all the while he’s doing anything and everything that moves, whether it wears a skirt or not, and then questions YOU when you finally get that sick, sinking feeling that something is very wrong with this man and you need to get as far away from him as possible. Oh yea, and that’s AFTER he has taken you for every penny he can possibly squeeze out of you, and hopefully hasn’t also left you pregnant (like the approximately 8 others he has done over this last 2 years, none of which he is supporting either emotionally or financially,,,seriously, I was as shocked as you!). And he has not just left you to go to work, he has left to be with someone else he is also scamming, where do you think the money for the harley, the jewelry, the numerous trips around the globe to abuse other unsuspecting women/men, has all come from. The man has not worked an honest job in his life, it has all been yours and my hard earned money he is laying around on. He has been arrested for selling nude pictures over the internet, pictures which he has probably demanded from you also, as well as being a suspected pedophile. He will tell you he is half Brazilian, half Hawaiian, however, the truth is not even close. He spends every waking hour working over his next victim over the internet. Avoid him at all cost!

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