Jordan Alfred – Clovis, New Mexico

Jordan has been beaten up a lot of times for hitting on other guys girlfriends and wives. Once, he needed stitches and thought he would try and find a woman of his own. He did, married her and gave her herpes, got fired from that relationship and slept with another neighbor but got sued for taking her picture while she was passed out from the drug he dropped into her drink. He tried selling it on the internet and charges were brought against him and a friend who was in on the date rape. That didn’t last long, he started f*****g the neighbor and she said he was trying to rape her when they got caught. He’s still at it in Canada the United States, moves around and hasn’t been in touch with me in months after I tried getting him to turn himself into authorities. He thinks he’s special because he’s military.

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  1. Sergeant Raper is very special, he’s a special kind of idiot, highly trained in de-pants-ing of women and going in for the kill. He carries extra gear for his missions, lube, toys, V****a for himself and his friends and keeps some wine in his canteen.

  2. Watch out for the creep, he’s got so many lies and so many sneaky ways to drug and rape you that he should go to prison with his friends for the rest of his life. Stay far away, very far. He’s also a drug addict.

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