Roger Behling – Rutherford, New Jersey

Roger Behling can’t be trusted! He’s a smooth talker that says all the right things. He claims to be a single guy looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage. He claims to be monogamous, upstanding and sincere. His favorite line is “I don’t roll like that”. That’s the fantasy that he creates. In reality, he’s a jerk, a pathological liar and a cheater. As time progressed, I found out that he had lied to me about his age, his work and where he lived. Once he disappeared for 2 days. When I asked why he didn’t contact me he claimed that he’d lost his cell phone and had to get new one. Yet the following month I checked and saw he had the same phone when I met him. He didn’t show up to my sister’s party as planned claiming that he fell asleep. I suspected that he had something else going on but he always had an explanation and my suspicions were confirmed on Xmas. He made plans to spend the Xmas weekend with me. On Xmas eve we were supposed to get a tree, go shopping, then go out for dinner and drinks. On Xmas day we were supposed to go to my girlfriends house for dinner and then come back to his place and spend our 1st Xmas together. It never happened. He was a no call/no show. He stood me up on Xmas! Considering all the little white lies & inconsistencies it didn’t take a Phd to figure out what really happened. Roger was able to live his double life cheating on his main girlfriend with me but Xmas being a major holiday he couldn’t pull it off because he could be with both of us on the same day. Since I was the other woman; he had no other choice but to leave me hanging. He’s less than a man and he couldn’t face me because he knew I had figured him out so he went into hiding. The man who called me every day and stayed on the phone with me most nights until 2:00 am hasn’t called me & won’t answer my texts. I wrote his name on tape and put it on the bottom of my shoes so I can walk on him. So now I know how Roger REALLY rolls – like a lying, cheating dog and a low down conniving snake. He’s a b*m and loser. Good riddance.

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  1. Roger was dating men until his lover Bubba got tired of hearing this wimpy-assed n***a say, “I don’t roll like that,” one too many times. He flipped him over and tore his a*s up so bad that Roger started dating girls, again, still talking s**t and rolling like that. Just ask Bubba, who rolled Roger like that!

  2. Roger Behling rolls any which way he can. He likes to go downhill with anyone nasty enough to go with him. The destination is the gutter where all trash eventually floats to and down. Roger is leading the way to the sewer, he f***s men and women and drags them all downhill to the drain.

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