Kerry Brown — West Orange, New Jersey

I was just alerted by my cousin that my ex-boyfriend was up here! I am also a woman who was lead on by the infamous Kerry Brown of West Orange, New Jersey!! The only difference is I had to come up here and find out that he’s married with a female!!? I am at a loss for words. This lying piece of c**p! I met this dog on Facebook last year because he was mutual friends with some of my friends. He instantly started in boxing me and from then on we were great friends! He told me how he had a female roommate at the time and was ready for her to leave. He told me he was single and no children and was looking for someone to see down with. He spent hours of time with me and showered me with gifts. Finally he won me over and I was his. Months went by and I could never understand why he would never let me come over his house. He would tell me that his roommate was the reason and once she moves out then I can come over. After about 9 months I notice a change in him. He grew distant and always had an excuse for not being around. Well he really told me that I wasn’t sexing him enough!! So he couldn’t see himself in a long term relationship with someone who couldn’t s*x him all the time. I found that funny but hey I said to him. Sorry I wasn’t fast enough for him but it was like all of a sudden he just forgot about our dreams together and up and left me. I knew it was more to it but I didn’t bother to grue it out. Truth is I didn’t enjoy the s*x with him because it was always rushed and he wasn’t that big down there (if you know what I mean)! Even though I cared for him and he was good to me he just didn’t satisfy me in the bedroom. But I was willing to overlook that because he was a great provider and a gentleman. But just like that we stop seeing each other with no goodbye or anything. He even stopped picking up my calls. It bothered me but then I realized my worth. So to read a post up here about him was hilarious! Guess he really does this all the time. Just sad I swear. And to hear he’s married with a baby!? I really can’t believe this at all. Kerry Brown has struck again. And the last post about him was true. He will make you feel like the only woman he’s with and will take you to the moon if you ask him too. I myself never saw a ring on his finger and he never told me about a baby. What kind of guy is this? Ladies please be careful of this guy. It seems like he is out to hurt all women. I’m at a loss for words, he stopped speaking to me because I wasn’t giving him enough s*x just 4 months ago!! I never knew he was married but I sure feel sorry for his wife! Who knows what type of things this man is bringing home! He did me a favor by leaving me when he did because I would’ve been p****d off to find out about his secret life! I want to thank this website for this valuable information. Here it is I was beating myself up about losing such a great and hardworking man. But now I’m glad he left me when he did. I just couldn’t get past that small package he has! Lol

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