Keith Pittman — Burlington Township, New Jersey

A true deadbeat ! I met this b*m 8 years ago on Myspace. We hooked up he got me pregnant twice soon after to find out that he was criminal about to go to prison. He left right before I gave birth to our now 5 year old daughter. He never told me that he was facing time until his trial. I stuck by him for 5 years as we where even engaged. Only to find out that he’s a Scam artist only capable of being a dad from prison . He makes up every excuse not to be a father which makes him a deadbeat ! He called everyday from prison but don’t call now since he’s only 10 min away. He blames me for him not being there for her birthday holidays first day of school etc. He already missed all of her life ! He rather pay his grandfather , brothers and friends before providing for his child. He tattooed FAMILY FIRST on his chest before providing any food clothing or shelter for our child. Hes on every dating website looking for another victim. please beware hes also on parole for the next five years and he drinks heavily and black out. Its a shame you really never know who’s a deadbeat because this one even has pictures of her all overall his facebook pg like he is a real father when he has only been a father to his child 2 hours in the last 60 days. This is a guy who couldn’t wait to be a part of his daughters life. He’s a lier cheater and a true deadbeat who just use women and children. There could be other children out there that he has abandon as well ! He’s 30 years old and is comfortable living In a small room with his grandparents. No car and a very low paying job thank g*d for him being on parole or else I wouldn’t get no support at all. He has Never been a man and can not survive on his own and is controlled by his FAMILY . The same family that left him in prison. I guess one main symptom of a deadbeat is WEAK ! I can say so much more but posting his pic on here should say everything !

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