Joslaines Gonzalo — Jersey City, New Jersey

This b***h swears she loyal but flirts with every guy she sees even when she would be with me and she would just say I’m friendly I’m friendly is not mean to people. But how is flirting okay? and then you do it in front of me like come on now b***h. I took your phone and you were calling other guys cute and sending them nudes you are lucky. I’m a good guy and don’t expose our videos your photos its okay though karma will get you, baby, best believe that karma always has its way with people just like you lol thirsty a*s d**k sucking w***e your such a piece of s**t for doing this to me. How you did but I do not hate you, in fact, I still love you but you lost a good guy.

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  1. She never met a d**k she didn’t like – wink. She friendly and was f*****g and sucking while telling her man she’s all his. Lying and cheating and sucking and f*****g and getting her freak on with strangers. She wants to be an actress, in p**n.

  2. She hopes he posts the pictures online from when they was first having s*x. Some of them were good she thinks and her new goal is to be self-made and not need a man to give her things. She knows how to have s*x and she likes it so why not be in the p***o movies she can fake a moan. Joslaines just needs an agent, someone to take half her money to get her started and she can work it up from there, make her own money and be a star all the men will look to when they want to jack they dicks. All her guys say she sexy when they first meet up with her. She’s going to do it, google that s**t.

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