Carolyn Mamary – New Jersey

This b**** started working with me and my now ex about a year ago. He and I had been together for a while and were living together-it was not a secret that we were a couple. All the employees and customers knew-he even introduced me as his wife. Well that didn’t stop her from f****** him behind my back. I am not stupid so of course I had my suspicions and every time I brought it up my ex would say you are crazy-I would never touch her!!! Why do you make stories out of nothing??? He kept making me out to be the crazy one. This fat back b**** would smile in my face and of course she looked me in the eyes and lied and denied everything every time I confronted her. She even made up a fake boyfriend named “Colin” that no one had even heard anything about or met (except my ex of course). He moved out in September just to take a break-said everything woud stay the same but it didn’t. Everything changed and our relationship went even more down hill as he was drinking and smoking like crazy every single night so we ultimately broke up in October. Still claiming that he had nothing to do with her and would never touch her. The 2018 holidays were awful between us and then things got a little better right before I went away for a week in January. He was talking about how he missed me and asked what I would say if he wanted come back. But that only lasted a short time until we got into another fight and he called me crazy again. Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago when he was drunk (per usual now) and arguing with me and it got so intense and he screamed that he was f****** her!!! They are actually living together now and I also found out that she co-signed for a car for him and the apartment…but I am the crazy one right?!?!? I guess she has to buy and give him things and keep him drunk and high so he will f*** her. This f****** pig is pathetic and has no self esteem or self respect. At least I wasn’t a dirty little secret “Cece”…but you know what-Karma is going to kick her in the teeth and I cannot wait to see it.

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