Matthew Picard — Hampton, New Hampshire

Matty is always itching himself and he used to believe it was from when he was locked up with those nasty boys. He has been with some nasty girls who he tells he can tattoo old skool. he gets the money first, buys party s**t and gets them f****d up. When they wake up it’s too late the tattoo is not done but he says he can fix it when they get their money together when the party again. He blames it on them for passing out and he tells them they keep moving while he tries and works on them says they keep scratching at there self. Matty has never tattooed a girl more than one time they don’t even want him to fix the old one.

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  1. Matty waiting for the girl to pass out so he can start using the rest of the ink to make a big letter L on his forehead, highlight it in bedbug blood, flash some gangster signs to the po po and go poo poo in his dirty skivvies. He so fruit fly…

  2. Matt cheated on his girlfriend with his bootleg tattoo artist in exchange for getting inky with him. It’s a long story which he says can’t be reworked and he has to live with the memory and the nasty infection he got when he couldn’t keep his d**k clean.

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