Tony “Anton” Gorup – Henderson, Nevada

This 50 yr old guy gets on the internet and pursues women thru Facebook, and other apps, and online dating sites, meanwhile he has a girlfriend at home. He goes out with other women when he says he’s going to the gym or work. He plays the nice guy and does and says all the right things. Do not trust this guy! He thinks being retired LVPD SWAT gives him the ability to treat women like s**t. Meanwhile, he’s currently a personal security for superstar in town, using that to get women also. To make matters worse his d**k doesn’t even work… he needs v****a to even attempt to have s*x. So here’s your warning ladies, don’t fall for this piece of scum!!

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  1. he dont got much to do on swat unit between concerts except swat flys and troll for dumb b*****s who are impressed with badges. he likes to flash his badge and his p****r, apologize and offer to use the wand on all the girls he gets with. he cant keep the stick zipped up when he starts flashing his badge. he dont like to use the cuffs cause if a girl struggles he can get in serious trouble if she starts lying. most girls kid him and lie to him anyway, telling him they got off too, which is only true when he uses the wand on them. he wants validation and a promotion, wants free concert tickets even when he’s not working. a real narcissist

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