Terri Laidlaw — Las Vegas, Nevada

Terri and Francis like to get f****d up and make the old van rock. They gave up pretty much everything to sleep in the van, do drugs and f**k like they’re trying to make little drug-addicted retards. Most of her teeth have fallen out and he has some scabs that won’t heal. They cheat with other druggies and married s***s who will risk infection to party on the streets with these two lowlifes.

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  1. Doubling numbers. Someone doesn’t know how to count. Never lived in the van, probably had s*x there though! Drug free for longer than this post has been up. I know these two very well, and have seen the improvement Francis has made just hanging out with her. Terri is NOT what is portrayed here. She is very dedicated to her children, has a stable home life and, offers loyalty to her man.

    1. I agree. Sounds like a jealous ex to me. I know her personally and this don’t resemble her by any means. But then again rumors are heard by all believed by idiots and told by jealousy..

      1. Sounds to me like maybe she should keep her legs closed and the rigs out of her veins and stop hopping from dude to dude til she’s***t the entire town. Bottom line she’s a trashy w***e and he’s a f****n cracked out b*m who stuck around for a roof cause he didn’t want to go back to mommys

        1. julee f**k the f**k off ur f*****g dumb and need to grow the f**k up. you think we don’t all know u jus want francis back ur f*****g dumb..have him take him stupid b***h he just don’t want u that’s what’s so pathetic about all of this. find some time on ur hands dumb b***h I haven’t shot up since I got out of prison so f**k u and the horse u rode in on cuz we alllll know wtf u been doing and I feel sad for ur children to have to live with people like u and all u hang around..sad pathetic and immature

    1. I am a friend of julees and apparently he’s been staying over there for a few days, guess he got sick of hanging out with a raggedy a*s loose c**t or maybe she gave him herpes who knows. Bottom line terri your a f*****g nasty s***k your moms a drunk and francis is bangin his baby momma

      1. Glad he’s f*****g the who’re Julie, leave Terri out of your failure as a mom, your the momma without proof, b***h, and she kicked him out cause his sick is limp, so he ran back to his mommy and you Julie cause your a desperate pathetic who’re,who needs Francis so bad you are willing to take Terris sloping seconds, grow up be a mother,

      2. Of course he is cause Julie only takes what runs back to her she is a pathetic mom who else says yes get in my bed if you left me for better and gets kicked to the curb, but a very sick insecure piece of s**t, have a good night Julie friend, you make yourself sound more weak by the minute, geesh

  2. Terri is amazing, someone is very jealous they can never be as beautiful, smart and amazing as her, go tend to your kids, find them a dad julie

    1. Hmm not sure who your reference is about. However amazing and smart are not the terms I’d use. I mean come on the town has tapped her resources one to many times for my liking. Francis wasn’t the only dude with a family she f****d up. Stop focusing on his side and look into her rounds. You’ll find plenty of people in this town that feel the same.

      1. l***o oh yah who else name them then b***h u guys all funny and lame as f**k. and only reason francis is there is cuz I won’t take him back f**k all u guys ur hilarious to me …

  3. Terri let the tweakers talk they have nothing better to do than be bothering a girl. I gies julee is to much of a p***y that has to do all this childish s**t… Ur better then those F**n tweakers and Francis is not worth all this s**t let that tweaker b***h keep him they are good for each other… Everyone knows they are worthless as parents tweaking infront of there doughter

    1. Wow all you can do is f*****g pretend like you know what’s up. This terri laidlaw is a f*****g junkie, me scared which one ran across the model t when I walked in after she f*****g couldn’t keep her s**t self out of my family after she swore she wasn’t a hoe. Boom b***h. Your trash your moms trash whoever the f**k you have trying to bring me down is trash and the fact that you shoot people up for their first time makes you a f*****g puke oh but your not a junkie f****n c**t are ya b***h. Your f*****g disgusting and you need to keep you f*****g rotten p***y off of men with families in a relationship. Keep talking maybe one day you’ll put some of that energy where your f****n mouth is.

    2. What’s your name “Lol” don’t be scared to share. Grow some b***s. Or grow tf up. ALL of you actually. If you do something of meaning in real life, you’ll start maturing naturally and won’t want to waist your time on this sort of nonsense

    3. I’m sorry you guys have nothing better to do than praise a w***e and lie about someone ya don’t know. She f****d him in my car when we were fighting then she had to take him in cause I told the junkie w***e she wasn’t gonna f**k him for free, keep my babies out of it the only reason that used up f****n c**t is p****d is because it’s true. Maybe if you f*****g pathetic a*s c***s knew the entire situation you would keep your mouths shut. Terri your not going to break me your nothing but trash and I did not post this one but yes the initial dirty was me call me and I will explain to you like I told your pet francis this morning. Say what ya want bout me idgaf leave kids out of it

    4. Got the b***s to say who you are “Lol” probably not. Lol. Lame a*s little bitchez with such a meaningless lifes they’ve gotta submerge into other people’s

  4. You all are f****** dumb with this especially those of you who brinh kids into it. You got to bring YOURSELF to that low of a level? There is no hood reason to talk s**t about kids. because their kids did nothing wrong. Now you’re just so f****** pathetic but that’s how low you have to go is trash yalkinh CHILDREN. Then you really should just reevaluate how grown you are. Keep kids out of it you slimes. Every single one of them

  5. f**k u julee u know were the f**k I live b***h and u ain’t around..yah u come to my work that’s my work stupid c**t u KNOW WHERE THE F**K I LIVE DO IT RIGHT U THINK I’M SCARED OF UR TINY A*S F**K U AND BRING IT B***H AND KEEP UR F*****G PRETTY BOY FRANCIS THAT DON’T EVEN F*****G WANT UR FAT A*S I HEAR BOUT HOW BAD OF A F*****G MOTHER U ARE so if that msg offended u guys musta ment it hit the f*****g spot u two deserve the f**k out of each other better get that bowl a rolling. I LOVEEEEE how u f*****g think we f****d in car u stupid crazy c**t NOBODY EVER f****d in ur nasty a*s car musta been a different side hoe that’s for sure cuz wasn’t me stupid f*****g b***h ur either too stupid or too f*****g high to get that through ur thick skull. Think I’m a hoe all u wnt I was told u guys weren’t together when we even hung out for first time..didn’t know u was pregnant especially sering as u was using urself keeping that s**t secret where we? f**k u b***h keep talking s**t cuz believe me I got wayyyy more on u then u got on any lting bullshit u think u know about me u nasty a*s b***h..maybe u can txt francis some more so u can leave ur f*****g door unlocked so he can ‘sneak in’ while u let him bend u over in front of a mirror yah..I seen all ur nasty a*s msgs ..let’s just f*****g see whose really the hoe here with ur 5 kids u f*****g got. F**K U BITCHHHH…wtf u gna do? cluck around some more cuz u think u badass hahahahaha

  6. Francis and julee just shut the f**k up and use it for what u guys know best to hit that pipe you guys want to talk about being mature u pathetic tweakers started all this why? Because you guys have nothing better to do then to talk s**t thrue a f**n website and hit the meth pipe… Terri don’t waist ur time on this low life tweakers. And Francis why don’t u tell that to ur tweaking b***h (julee) she was the one that started talking about kids check urself

    1. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is c**t. Come knock on my door. Say what you got to me and we can. Square up right now. Francis can f*****g die like all of you worthless b***h a*s punks. Idgaf who you are what you say until you f*****g nut up and say it to my face. I’m f*****g dying to see one of you lame a*s f****n disease ridden trash face your fears. Nothing but spineless f*****g rats that this world could live without. Trust me I’d kill to not have wemple as the “baby daddy” but we all make retarded mistakes

      1. Hey terri first I’m tiny now I’m fat but I d**n sure ain’t a junkie a*s w***e with 90 percent of this town in my pants in a 90 day spree. Why don’t you do the world a favor and die? I’m a bad mom ok c**t when did you become the expert or are you just dumb enough to believe what you hear. Your worthless your a liar and a f*****g disgusting s**t. Go back to your mattes bed bug Betty cause my time is worth alot more than a pile of junkie a*s trash like you.

        1. Oh no you read messages that he played along with.
          Good for you it still doesn’t make you less of a w***e and it doesn’t ch ange the fact that you were told about his family and ya still snuck around like f****n c**k roaches. You are a f*****g puke and I am going to laugh when karma catches you. Your probably gonna get aids and die and that would be fantastic. You are the slimiest f*****g s***k your fucki ng ugly and you put needles into people’s arms when they don’t know how. Your a f*****g piece of s**t.

          1. All of you are f*****g idiots to play into this like this. The more you post the more you look defensive. And then seem desperate. 1l0

          2. Say what you what make your keyboard threats call whoever you wanna call. Keep tryin to snitch like you aren’t the sucked up closet tweeker. You only know what francis has said about julee and who knows what he said was tru. Your dumb as f**k if you believe them. You talk bout her kids yet where is your baby daddy? Better yet who is it cause the number of dudes you have under your skirt ya might wanna hit maury up your just mad you couldn’t keep him on a leash. Cause your p***y is all used the f**k up I heard he nicknamed you “arbys” that’s sick and maybe you should reevaluate what you know from what you assume and maybe you wouldn’t look so pathetic. Maybe stop trying to find happiness in random guys idk. Just close your legs and your f****n mouth. Don’t be mad cause your hoe ways are public. Leave s**t alone and move on with your pathetic life

          3. go find a new heroine babysitter cuz ur the greatest mom walking planet earth. they first time u that f*****g stupid L***O make urself look dumb all u can say is I’m a hoe and a junkie neither of which are true ur jus p****d I got ur man and he didn’t want ur a*s but hey he’s all urs cuz I’m letting that happen now… ur like a broken record of the same old response and same old words and same old everything. and yah stupid ur tiny cuz ur like what 5 foot? and ur fat cuz wha I been told after popping out so many …s**t I’m the bad mom who has 5 takes care of 1? hahaha ur jus a joke and let’s be real I jus love replying to ur s**t on here cuz ur s**t don’t offend me none cuz I know what’s true lol its u posting and checking 3 times a day so means I must be saying something right … I know the type of chick u are and honestly I just love p*****g u off cuz u take it all to heart and ur s**t don’t even bother me what’s so ever so keep playing that record of me being puke..w***e..smelly..blah blah blah ..cant ur brain think a little bit harder? hahahaha let’s see what u come up with next 😀

      2. Lol, you sure love taking him back bent over in the mirror, mistakes are 1 thing, pathetic is doing it over again, stop using go see 1 of your 5 or is it 6 now kids Julee

  7. Oh my g*d I’m a bad mom come at me with some facts terri. If you think it’s hilarious why you blowing his phone up thr owing a tantrum? And your mom had your girl for what 4 years and you think because you ripped her away from the only mom she knew your a saint nah. Your not worth the energy already wasted and this one is not from me. But props to who ever wrote this. Keep saying whatever you want about me to make yourself feel better. Your obviously checkin back on this s**t just waiting to see. And your allowing him to hang around now isn’t that cute. Did the batteries in your shock collar die? Honestly go get all the d**k you want but when someone has a family and that someone’s girlfriend literally tells you that s***s being worked on and to just not be a hoe and you respond with I’m not like these winnemucca hoes and boom your bangin said guy with family it proves your a liar and a w***e and then to make matters worse you throw a fit when he stops by to see where his kids would be living (he told me you were angry that’s why he lied) he said you have the same angry moments that I did I laughed bottom f****n line you skeezed into this situation with a clear and very informed conversation of what was going on, and whatever it ended as Idc but I do know for a fact he only kept hangin around so he would have a place to live. You knew you lied you disrespected and for what to pass the time til jason gets out of prison? Man I had my f****d up moments but francis didn’t deserve the way you used him and then just s**t on him cause your real man was bout to get out and you made that clear from day one that was your plan. Couldn’t just be a decent human and walk away from the guy with a family though nope cause your not that b***h right? Quick call him up and rat me out cause you don’t care right? Your so transparent terri and soon karma is going to hit you like a ton of bricks and just like that your gonna sit in silence and there your gonna realize just how f*****g low and hateful you are. But let’s not forget how I’m a terrible mom but how many step daddies have you brought to your children’s table? No dna proof that’s handled court ordered and I have no questions if they are his and just like in October it wouldn’t have stopped there if I hadn’t left. Have a good one terri

    1. Could Be 6 AND 3 His But He Isn’t Allowed To Be A Dad To His Biological Kids Right Just YOUR Lil Ones Matter huh. Not enough that you f*****g use him as a toy but ya don’t want him then you just pull that leash tighter when he starts getting to far away. It’s all good though terri you can just keep pulling him back and throwing him out idgaf at all. He’s the perfect step daddy and that’s it. Ya’ll can go teach newbie addicts how to hit that vein and maybe your next shots will kill you both. And by the time this all blows up in both your junkie a*s lives my 5 kids and I will be sitting back and laughing without a care in the world. However you might want to be careful of who’s paying attention to your habits and keep in mind that I’m not the reason you are called a w***e I just agree. It’s the dudes ypu jumped on where you work. How many have you hit at carry on 4 5 maybe 10 it’s been a few weeks right. Foul f*****g piece of s**t. You and wemple are f*****g the perfect ch in reality ya both love that needle you both live on your bavk or with your pants down and neither one of you have the f*****g b***s to own the fact that your lying cheating ways is how this whole s**t started and you terri knew from the f*****g start. You could have not entertained the guy with a family problems or not you f*****g did your thing after saying no you don’t have to worry. Your a w***e he’s a deadbeat both ya’ll go die I’m f*****g done with this whole issue. Oh terri I do Apologize for the one post it was heat of the moment and then we all made peace the next day totally forgot until he brought it up when all this started and I didn’t want the drama or fighting again. But this post is someone else comments all mine but I am not responsible for this one. Goodbye to both of you.

      1. Dunno what’s more sad… fact that u think that’s love looking back at u when he’s looking at u or the fact that u think that’s what love looks like to begin with…l***o so sad..so pathetic..

        1. Why dont you and francis just leave it alone i mean you say it’s Hilarious yet you threw a fit cause why? He always comes running back. In fact this morning even left some stuff as an excuse to go back to her house for his kids. That’s what’s sad you throw a fit cause he tries for his kids and you just want him to only acknowledge yours. Well sweet you got it. You tell him to stay the f**k away from julee away from her kids away from her life. Pathetic is having to Google the bumps on your nasty f****n s****h. Don’t worry I will warn her about your little bumpy issue and hopefully you took it past his Google and just don’t forget to clean it daily. Chach u f****d up this time. She’s leaving with her babies and this time she ain’t wasting time coming back.

          1. ur such a stupid little b***h francis runs to u cuz he knows ur only one that will take him back everytime even after he calls u a bad mom calls u fat and gross and u still take him with open arms cuz u can’t get any thING better keep smoving ur dope for ur daughter to inhale like the p.o.s. mother u are..or wait hey how about u let linda shoot up some more heroin while ur 4 month old baby is screaming for anyone to help her some more cuz we all know ur ain’t s**t as a mother always running round go get ur own self some f*****g help I hope the best for u Both and when I say that I mean keep doing ur f*****g drugs til ur fam takes ur kids for u again u f*****g scum. You ain’t gta hack his fb to get him to pretend f**k u b***h jus take it already oh but wait? he don’t want u ain’t that some sad as s**t but hey ull keep opening u door so go for it b***h and hope to f*****g g*d I don’t see u around u f*****g c**t better make sure ur clean when I report ur a*s this time I didn’t do it other times those was jus cuz ppl u hung round but guess what best believe this time it’s gna be me reporting ur f*****g a*s for the drug use u be doing now hope to G*d state don’t take ur kids and ur good cuz be both know u ain’t f**k u b***h

  8. You all are dumb as f**k. Terri is the best person that has spoken up on this lame a*s drama site. Grow the f**k up. Julee Get all your kids under one roof and take care of your kids..before you loose the rest of them. It’s only a matter of time unless your family does it for you. Terri, keep your head up and working hard. Your going great places. Don’t let these idiots hold you back. Your amazing

    1. Blah blah blah do something. And you made your false accusations once before and guess what you were documented as a liar. Whatever you think you know is just as stupid as you are. I walked right by your nasty a*s today only reason I didn’t smash your face through the claw machine is your holding your kid. F**k your Facebook bullshit and the only reason your entertaining the dead beat now is cause you seen him being there for his kids. And since you wanna keep yapping like the f*****g mutt you are it’s time to really start a f*****g scene. Later c**t. I am with my kids all the time or I’m at work. It was you who had what was it 8 or 9 cars over for a train ride on the vaginal bumps express and the day or 2 after a new round of 4 or 5. So while francis was being a parent you were getting trained by the crew at work right?
      Your bad mom comments and hypocritical drug judgment when your not at all even close to true do not bother me because you are nothing but a worthless lying f*****g J**z rag wanna talk about reporting s**t. Go ahead snitch all you want except you may wanna evaluate exactly what I know about you before you cause s**t about my kids. Well I guess I’ll just stir the s**t pot anyway cause you say all you want and no proof so your lies are hearsay and I got conversation pictures screens shots and well let’s just leave the ending a surprise.

      1. Amazing when the b***h knows you have real s**t on her and her so called baby dad she got silent, Jules are you scared you will lose another one to your immature idiot jealous bullshit, hahaha

        1. Heath you f*****g psychotic punk who’s the teacher selling and smoking meth while teaching 5th grade terri don’t know anything that’s true. And I’m silent cause I’m done with this entire bullshit. Talk all the trash you want call whoever you want I have nothing to hide and my kids are happy safe and we’ll taken care of. I have seen the conversation between her and wemple and it’s hilarious that she thinks she’s special. She’s just another notch on his belt wasn’t the first won’t be the last. It’s not entirely her fault I started this in a heated moment but this post doesn’t belong to me and it’s way better than the bullshit I did post. However since you felt the need to stir the pot which personality is it to Gay guys? Go stalk and trip o ut on a dumb bit ch cause I f****n don’t need another box of fruit loops in my space. Enjoy your life loser go back to grandma’s with your b***h a*s.

          1. I’ve had enough time to learn to be okay with the situation at hand and I can man up and say I’m sry julee for everything I’m done with all the bullshit and s**t talking between the two of us. I’m over it all and have accepted everything for what it is. I truly hope u guys are happy or least find happiness along the way I’m glad u guys got ur kids and are together again or least in each other’s lives for ur kids and I mean that whn I say it. sry for all the bullshit n u can hate me forever if u like that’s cool n not accept this apology but I really am sry for it all. I hope u guys find urself n do well n make good choices down the road. I’m sry how it all began or went down don’t think anyone ment for s**t to play out how it did and like I’ve told u before certain facts have been neglected or miss conscrewed along the way. Happy vibes and wish the best for u all

  9. heeth ur a little punk a*s b***h playing both sides of the fence haha. u just mad that we dated 20 days n I couldn’t handle ur girlie emotions and obvious obsession tendancies if ur still but hurt making comments talking s**t n spreading rumors. ur as sad as they come n still obsessed with me after 20 days of dating n letting u go u still gta hit me up to chill n apologize like a b***h whn confronted on ur s**t talking. Talk about being real u ain’t nothing but a fcking tweeker going no where fast as fck so keep talking ur s**t n I’ll be sure everyone knows bout u and ur business. I was being nice before for ya but dnt doubt everyone will know bout all ur s**t like the punk a*s b***h u are..lmao better watch urself

    1. Terri I apologize to you as well. I’m done with this and I agree with you bout heath. Best wishes to you terri. And I’m thinking this one was made by heath I do Apologize for the dirty post.

  10. And the latest happenings appear to be the threat of stds these 2 sharing blisters like wildfire cause they just can’t stop with one. Look out Winnemucca and surrounding areas. Make him wrap it check her for sores. Cause it’s the rest of us that are burnt cause these 2 dirty a*s c***s

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