Taylor Nichole Walls — Mesquite, Nevada

This fat little dumpy bit of junk has been having a continuous illicit relationship with my companions spouse. She knew he was hitched from the very first moment and she was additionally hitched at the opportunity to a man who was serving our district, sent to Saudi Arabia. She’s has been over and again requested to disregard the spouse yet still keeps on guaranteeing he’s her sweetheart and that they are infatuated. She moved from Alabama to Texas just to be with another person’s better half knowing he was hitched and living with his significant other and tyke. She is the epitamy of what everybody ought to know about. She keeps on calling his better half and attempting to cover things up with her while she’s f*cking the spouse’s significant other. She has even carried her tyke into the issue and has endeavored to remove him from his own child. She gloats about the fact that they are so cheerful to her companions, post things via web-based networking media, and is presently living in white junk Balch springs heaped up with a group of meth smoking maggot individuals to make sure she can remain nearby to him. Conceal your better half!!

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  1. Hide your husband in the closet if he has a wandering eye ,Taylor Nichole Walls is good at stealing them to use for a little while and then you get them back with no money and maybe DRD. In Mesquite, Nevada, this has been happening for years. She has them take her to Reno and Vegas for fun and s*x til they end up broke, then she not interested, starts looking around

  2. Taylor Nichole Walls — Mesquite, Nevada
    When you read some of this s**t, you can only hope that the man, deployed to Saudi Arabia, serving our country, is getting his own satisfaction. Maybe he’s f*****g a Saudi w***e, a camel, a fellow soldier. I hope he’s getting off at least, maybe not as much as much as b***s-to-the-walls Taylor but, busting good nuts while he risks heatstroke in that camel-f*****g country.
    Someone should tell Taylor why they make s*x toys.

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