Taryn Kapuy — Reno, Nevada

She currently has a boyfriend, which she tells all her friends that she is not with him anymore. I texted her boyfriend today and he says things are better than ever and he wanted to propose to her! I clued him in on all the dates she brought out with our group of friends and he was shocked. I thought he knew but he had no idea. He is devastated. But it gets worse. Former co-workers of hers have walked in on her fuking her boss who is married with 4 kids. She also happens to be BEST FRIENDS with her bosses daughter while all of this is happening (poor girl). Their fuking got so bad that employees did not want to go to work if it was just their two cars there because they did not want to see her nasty a*5. She was also let go at her old job because the boss’ wife found out she was sleeping with him. She also solicits herself to customers at her business and then complain when they took her up on the offers. She was notorious for wearing skirts that were very inappropriate for work and spread her legs while wearing them. it got to the point that I had to use air freshener to get the smell out of the front office. So gross!!

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  1. This is Taryn, the girl with the most sweaters. SHe aims to be known as the girl with the most tattoos within tattoos in a few years. She plans to do this one feather at a time and use crowdfunding to achieve this flighty goal. She wants to soar with the eagles and eventually land a pilot, pick up sticks and build a little nest somewhere. She’s thinking southern Colorado or northern Idaho, but it depends on where the pilots coop is also. She definitely wants to spread her wings

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