Skyler Haze — Las Vegas, Nevada

These two floozies were both cheating on “boyfriends with benefits” when they hooked up and were romantic partners for a short while. No word lately but I believe they broke it off and both back to doing p**n, separately.

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  1. No. They still lick each other’s coochies whenever they see each other. They w***e separately but still get together with strap-ons and other toys that tickle their fancy. They should just trick and do p****s together, that way they get the cake and can eat each other too.

  2. That one ugly as f**k. If she in p***o how the h**l can dude get it up without bagging that face. She must be in mask when they f**k her. she make me want to skip to next scene, she d**n ugly.

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