Samantha Nikkole – Las Vegas, Nevada

Dedicated to the new u ,and ill never forget the old u who was my princess once upon a time, and the most amazing and purest true love we shared. how we taught eachother what true love really was and how it felt like it. i guess u just dont like having nothing nice or good or someone that loves you unconditionally and puts u first and who truly cares about you since you would rather be on dat seeko seeko bullsh1t f***** around with some lames that will never leave tweaker estates let alone get u out of tweaker estates…. ignorance is bliss and settling and accepting to be the person u are now is just pure laziness caused by a lack of intellectual growth . But its ok i know its not ur fault nothing ever is since you love playing the victim especially when you’re everything but a victim and on that note peace and chicken grease my , everybodys gotta grow up one day Samantha and for our kids sake i hope its sooner than later, and for you,, well you should probably start looking for a therapist because you got so much guilt and bad karma coming your way and its going to eat your sensitive a*5 alive. Im glad i aint u and didnt become like you over pettiness and drugs. The amount of pain u caused our children and me for no other reason than being cruel, how could you.

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  1. Samantha Nikkole doesn’t remember s**t the same way. She remembers you falling asleep while watching t.v. and spilling popcorn on her after she just took care of your petty a*s, and listened while you snored and then had to finally go sleep on the couch. You woke and just thought she was an early riser, then insisted she flip your pancakes while you secretly tried on her panties in the bathroom. She new all about it and let your pancakes burn on purpose, a*****e. Yes, she needs a therapist but drugs are cheaper and she still laughs when she remembers what she did to fake happiness with you, she told you the kids were yours. What a fool believes!

  2. Guys always tell Samantha that she’s a princess and she finally decided to act like a special someone. She kicked all exes to the curb and now just uses men for whatever she needs. She just mentions it and they make it happen. She doesn’t know how they get the money, although a lot of them mention the word job, and doesn’t care. She just needs them to drive her around and buy her things and to take off those d**n plastic tags that everything seems to be packaged in, she hates that plastic.

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