Natasha Kephart – Dayton, Nevada

Pursued married man sexually and maintained affair for a year now even though wife has tried to communicate with her. She ignores wife. Wife asked her to leave her family alone after her two young children found out about the affair and were devastated and husband and wife were going to try and work things out. She did not and continued to pursue husband sexually. She even took advantage of wife being out of town and drove near their home and had s*x with husband in her car while two young children were left home alone sleeping. Husband and wife are going through divorce and she is still pursuing him during this difficult time. She also more than likely passed a life long std on to husband. She has her own children and uses social media to share how she is trying to raise them to be good people when she is ruining other children’s lives and role modeling immoral and cruel behavior.

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  1. He’s already been infected with warts after the first date and she don’t want to send him back to his wife to infect her so she can infect her brother-in-law who she sees every once in awhile so he can infect his neighbot who he admitted to f*****g when her husband was on vacation with his best friends ol lady whose husband was serving oversees with the first batallion and had s*x with an afghani hooker.
    It’s rather complicated but Natasha she thinks she can help the town of Dayton if she just keeps the loser away from his wife and kids. She might be right, who knows.

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