Morgan Lynn — Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Barbie is a semi famous you tuber and claims her real name is Morgan Lynn, which i kinda doubt. Here is a single mom who claims she’s 32 and had her son at 16 now he’s 16 and in high school. Then she also has a younger daughter to support but no boyfriend. You can’t make money on YouTube due to those rule changes a couple years back. Yet she somehow can afford to pay for plastic surgery, a huge tattoo on her leg and foot, an exotic cat and vacations to Costa Rica, Hawaii and Mexico. She even can afford flying lessons from an aviation school. How can a single mom with 2 kids to support from Vegas afford all that? She also likes to post selfies with her friends at night clubs. Again where are her kids? The only time I see her kids is when she exploits them in her YouTube videos and brags about what a cool and awesome mom she is. What’s creepy is all her followers are h***y men and her kids obviously know about her channel and can read the comments these guys leave her. They can also see the sexual side of their mom all over Instagram too. But the creepiest thing of all is how she hands on her 16 year old son in the videos like he’s her boyfriend. She wears these low cut tops and does selfies making sexy faces and hanging on him. Ugh. She also likes to pose in lingerie with cats. This lady is sick dude. Totally sick!

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  1. “Wish I could get closer just to hear that p***y purr”
    Barbie was just sunbathing when a stalker with a camera grabbed some pictures. It looks like he was standing behind the bush to get that angle. He was elling them on internet and this one was sent to me by some paperazzi who is crazy as you can tell by the title he had printed on picture. Note said that pictures could be puchased for 2 thousand dollars.

  2. I had to read this post several times. I looked at the picture and thought Morgan Lynn was selling p***y out in Las Vegas, Nevada. I know that’s illegal in Vegas but, sometimes people will live in a small town and use a larger city as a point of reference when asked where they are from. So, she could be selling p***y at a little ranch outside of town, in another county, and meet up in Vegas to ship the cats off to the new owners. If she sold lots of cats, she could easily afford all that’s described and more, manicures, botox, etc.

  3. This is Barbie’s sister, Morgan. Her father named her after the actress, Morgan Fairchild. He was a huge fan of Dynasty, back in the day, and always wished his wife looked more like the actress, Morgan. His wife had a thing for bright red lipstick and f**k-me pumps, always seeking attention. Morgan Lynn is following in her momma’s footsteps but, so far, keeping on more clothes.

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