Michelle Hinton — Henderson, Nevada

Cheated on me with numerous guys on dating sites, We agreed to have a monogamous relationship on January 3rd 2018,We started talking on November 25,2017 and 11/26/2018 was going to be a special day in our lives.3/25/2018 she became my girlfriend officially after that I thought we were progressing along fine until 8/18/2018 when I read that she was talking to at least 4 other guys. I read that she was sending one guy the same pics she was sending me from Vegas jam/Orleans hotel, another one she went to see a few days earlier because the text ask if she made it home safely,the 3rd was a guy in Santa Barbara she meet on senior black people meet.She had me fooled for at least a month until I started to think and notice little Tell/tell signs of cheating,i.e. last time we had s*x on 7/19/2018 she wanted to rush.we normally make love between 30 and 45 minutes but this time it was a 10 minute thing.she wanted to put it off. Wanted me to come to her room at Vegas jam, another sign I got was that we use to text each other at least 10 times daily but that went down to maybe once daily. Her body language and speech pattern gave me another hint.I have 2976 texts between us and 101 pics.# inittowinit was our little code for #together forever and 26 was our lucky number I was all in with this girl but was disappointed and heart broken.Writing this is therapeutic I’m starting a website and blog about this relationship with all the texts and pics and all the lies and deception. Warning guys that love hard, beware of people on dating sites,take it slowly. If it wasn’t for the cheating, She was the perfect woman for me

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  1. Michelle Hinton — Henderson, Nevada
    She fooled you man! I believed maybe you were deceived after you couldn’t perform but, when you said her number was 26, I knew you were fooled from the beginning. Her number, since age 11, has always been 27. You were just a toy from the beginning. Sorry about your luck.

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