Lauren York — Las Vegas, Nevada

The spread on this girl is getting a lot more freaky. She will do private fetish shoots for the right price and is starting to need more and more makeup to cover her wrinkles and blemishes. Most people are saying shes overpriced and lacks the skill to pull off some of the tricks she claims she can do. She looks funny wearing a d***o, it looks like she’s trying to suck her own d**k!

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  1. She’s following in the footsteps of Misha Kaura, former Miss Nevada. What in the world is in the water in Sin City, these days ?! However, it’s no surprise, they’re quite friendly since they didn’t actually have to compete with one another. It’s more like Lauren is Misha’s protege, guiding her like a big sister through the bright lights of fake agents and neon illusions. Misha even introduced her to her agent, a member of her board of directors, who has directed many hardcore p***o movies and even offered to work a discount in exchange for a b*****b here and there. That’s a sweetheart deal, hard to pass up, she jumped up and down on it, said yes and thanks. Her mouth hung open at the opportunity, she stated salivating.

  2. She knows she looks better in a t-shirt and wet. That mascara runs and the make-up is bad for her skin, she’s getting back to the girl next door look, very hot and sexy..

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