June Hill — Las Vegas, Nevada

This nasty w***e is a pole dancer when she’s not giving b******s for cash and pain pills. She’s a drama queen who hates on the other girls who suck d**k to make ends meet when the stripper tips are not raining down, only sprinkling. At Crazy Horse 3, the drugs of choice are Oxy’s or Percocet, Xanax and Vicodin if there aren’t Oxy’s available. June Hill is a car specialist, she sucks guys off in the parking lot for a bump or a pill, and is back on stage for her next song, looking around to see which pill heads are with which s***s, she wants another something for her latest rash. She hates rubbers as much as the dopeboys do, refuses to use one and is always swallowing a load for a pill or two. You can’t miss June, she’s the oldest s**t in the dive bar.

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