James Hodges Las Vegas, NV NUDES EXPOSED!

This loser posted nude pictures of his ex and multiple other women all over the internet and made sure that all of his victims’ friends saw their embarrassing pictures. He gets off on humiliating women. He obtains their nudes through various means (like hacking and catfishing) and then posts the pictures along with all of the women’s info he can find and then posts them online and sends a link to their friends, co-workers and numerous strangers from where they live.

They were unable to get any justice via the police but they have managed to get someone to hack into HIS computer and steal HIS nudes and have been showing him what it feels like to be publicly humiliated! Now he is crying victim and begging for them to stop and threatening to sue people if they post, share or obtain his images (which he can’t as a judge has already declaired his images public domain! LOL No joke!).

Since he is clearly deeply embarrassed by people seeing him naked, they are making sure everyone he knows, everyone from Las Vegas and everyone else on the planet sees his embarrassing images!

They are currently publicly posted at http://jameshodgesvegas.exposure.co (or if they are gone from there, this link should redirect to wherever they are on the net: http://jamesnudes.servepics.com)

Enjoy your fame, James! Hope everyone gets a laugh at your nudes!

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  1. stop posing for the camera and concentrate, boy…
    or, to really get off, hit a gay bar and put a sock in your pants and buy lots of drinks and keep the lights real low, you shetland stallion

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