Deena Bright — Nevada

Deena doesn’t lie about her legs, which run all the way up to her assets! Why buy the bull when you can get the horn for free? It works for her and she doesn’t enjoy cross-examining a man to find out if he’s married, she knows they lie to get with her, they want to cheat. A horn is a horn and Deena, by no means a cow, moos, and moans at the thought of being gored by a bull. She’s a sexy b***h and she knows it. I’m single but older, and she can grab this bull by the horn, anyway. You almost can’t fault a heterosexual male for wanting to run around the pasture, snorting and chasing Deena, hoping she’ll put a ring in his nose.

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  1. Is she a hooker in Vegas ?
    I have some vacation time coming up and I would like to meet her, talk about whether,
    or not she’s single, get her out of hooking and make her a housewhore.

  2. Grab my horn girl, make me follow you to the bedroom and lay back and watch you work. I want to toot for you and holla and scream and blow my gasket all in your hair and face.

  3. Deena-the-cleana, she’s from Jersey, left when Trump went bankrupt for the fifth time and had to give up the casino. She moved to sin city, just outside, and now legally posts for profit. Actually, she posts and blows, not always on dice and not always on social media, I found her name in the men’s room, scribbled on the stall with a phone number that had been scribbled over. And I was hoping to get lucky…not tonight…some scribbler didn’t want to share in the good fortune that comes when Deena blows on something…

  4. You guys are stupid. A………she is a whole whopping 5’2″, so her legs dont go far except into a s****h that has been used by many. B………she has never lived in Jersey. On all other accounts I will agree except to add that she is obviously a pathetic soul, so older, single anonymous, I wish you all the luck in the world. Please G*d, get that trash off the streets and married to you so she will stop being a w***e. And fyi, I have her phone number if you want it. Lol. Like frfr.

  5. She an escort an go by another name. I can’t remember what it is but she does outcall service at one of the smaller hotels. she alright.

    1. Would be soooo nice if u could remember that info and share it…..would really boost my divorce position…..and serve to properly sicken the soon to be ex since she lied and manipulated him. Lol…….wonder how he will feel knowing he plowed a s***k that has been plowed by so many before?! And……to have to wonder about the STD’s……..smh

      1. Green Valley Ranch Casino. Can’t remember the name she used because she is a hooker, but that is the hotel I ordered her from. She was ok as the other suggested. Definitely not worth the high dollar money I spent.

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