Darren Sackett — Las Vegas, Nevada

Darren has ripped off so many purses from whores, only to find there’s almost no money inside. He has a collection of broken pipes and stems, used rubbers and cellophane from empty condoms and cigarette packs. Rubber bands and a few hair ties. Some old hair brushes with cooties on them, used by other whores before being stolen by the new owners, like Darren. He simply pulls up to the curb, asks them how much, says no problem and they jump in, go where he’s going. He drives them out of town and makes them suck him first, outside his car behind bushes or rocks or trees, shoots off real quick then runs back to the car and drives off with their purse. Occasionally he gets some loose change and a few bucks, about a half a tank of gas per month, plus all those quick nuts which cheat the girls out of a brush for their hair. He’s weird like that, a bandit who preys on slow whores. He picked up a tranny once by accident and went ahead and paid her for her time.

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