Darren Ashton — Las Vegas, Nevada

This abusive guy tries to pass himself off as a businessman. He denies his girlfriend and child and tries everything he can to win your confidence and scam you for all he can. I found out the hard way and, luckily, didn’t lose more money than I did. He slipped up and told a lie and got caught. During the discovery process in an on-going investigation, more lies were revealed. He piles lies on top of lies, stacking them so high you start getting suspicious. Just a warning if you come across this cheater, don’t believe one word he says about any business venture he pitches. Darren wants to go to prison, he knows he’s headed that way and is building up his defense fund, one scam at a time. More to come, I’m waiting for the discovery details but want to sound the warning before more victims are hurt.

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