Ben Orbach – Las Vegas, Nevada

Benjamin Ryan Orbach .. AKA Ben Orbach AKA Benji Orbach AKA BRO BRO – Methuen Massachusetts and travels frequently to Chicago and Las Vegas. He’s an extreme Narcissist with Sociopathic disorder. Ben will cheat on you and try his hardest to convince you that he would never cheat. He also steals and lies . If you are thinking of having a relationship with this man then think twice. He will turn your life upside down in ways you cant even imagine!!!

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  1. Ben never flies solo
    He always got a girl with him
    They like to buy him watches and gloves and toerings
    He likes vegas a whole lot – show girls and parties

  2. The talk in Methuen is that Ben actually blew something up in the news and was laughing when someone saw that the credit went elsewhere. Ben likes to be noticed and drinks Miller HighLife with a water chaser, with a twist, lemon; not lime.
    As a joke he was given a pair of cargo shorts that came from the thrift store. His attorney still laughs about it and, to date has never let on that he knew. Bens’ friend had to scrape up a few extra dollars to get Ben a wife beater tee to complete the makeover prank. No one has ever seen him wearing the wife-beater, he likes his tats to be less revealing since his artist cousin was more than slightly intoxicated when he pricked Ben. One tattoo is of Bonny and the other is a bad imitation of Clyde. Together, the tattoos look masculine yet effeminate, which confuses most people most of the time. Ben gets tired of telling the story and wears longer sleeved tees to save time when chatting up the girls.

  3. Jonathan Gleich is the rat who’s starting all this s**t and he will hear from my attorney in a matter of days, as soon as she can download the correct paperwork from the internet. I’m just a peaceful man, making smart bets and beating the odds. Can’t a gambler/player get a little peace and serenity in this d**n town!
    Leave me the h**l alone, I’m trying to come up with my next pick on Sunday.
    I’m kinda feeling the Patriots overall and wish they’d show more pictures of his wife.
    Ben Orbach – Las Vegas, Nevada

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