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Amanda Janisse — Las Vegas, Nevada

Amanda bangs them and forgets them. Amanda is just getting started, putting her Ho game into high gear and tells herself she’s doing it for the girls. After cheating on the second baby daddy, everything seemed easier. Now, she spreads for whoever she wants and whenever she wants, she’s getting lots of attention and even doing a little trading – p***y for meth. Just wanted to get the word out about this dirty little sloot that she is. It’s a great tradeoff for a boys and saves a trip to see old boy and score. Amanda think she is a model. Wanna f*k? Just buy her a drink at the bar. Oh ya, she will also love to do blow. She should be known as the “Sniffanie” sisters. I’d be afraid of what drd this chick has and is spreading around. She doesn’t work and lives off the government. She has children but is a dead beat mother and only cares about her monthly checks from the government. Her kids go without food and basic necessities while she’s out, almost every night partying with different dudes. She will f*k just about anyone who shows her attention. She hangs out with her slooty sister Brandi. Somebody watch my p***y, Amanda has the urge to play, f**k around and get off, then get on again. A nasty sloot in the making, Beware of this one Windsor. This girl is poison! condoms optional.

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