Jeanne Anderson — Louisville, Nebraska

Homes People Love is this homewreckers slogan. She loves to break up homes, too. She gets an estimate for hedge trimming and then wants her beaver and face waxed with c*m. Young married guys are her best handymen. She tells them she doesn’t have a handyman around the house and lets them know she wishes she did. Give her bushes a good trim and she will be on her knees giving you a tip. Bring em young, bring em back for more.

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  1. She brush her teeth with c*m, sells alot of houses to females who don’t know why they want to buy from her like they was hypnotized or something, drawn to her scent and writing checks for down payments

  2. she always rinsing with mouthwash, like to smell clean and fresh for the next d**k she meets at the open house where she will give you head for encouraging you to buy now!

  3. Jeanne sells her share of real estate but is never a top-seller or an award winner. Now I see why, too many extracurricular activities in the bedroom.

  4. Sold, sold, sold! That was the old slogan, the new one is trim, snip, prune. Jeanne is so popular with the teens who mow grass in her area, they want to help her put up signs, For Sale.

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