Deandre Cannon – Omaha, Nebraska

DEANDRE (George) Cannon. This man is a walking STD. He sleeps with anything that moves. He was married when I met him. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until I am now 5 months pregnant. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He worked at Trainstation Fitness. He was my personal trainer and was supposed to help me become a fitness competitor. I am now finding out that he uses that to sleep with his clients. I have found out about 5 other girls BESIDES his wife. If you see him RUN

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  1. Deandre Cannon – Omaha, Nebraska is living the dream, knocking out sets and looking for some fresh p***y to infect. Another body builder wants to get with him and do some reps but Deandre doesn’t want to swing that way unless theres a woman in the room to watch. He likes mirrors too and practices his poses for hours, always checking around to see if theres anyone watching, which is always the real thrill for people who like to pump.

  2. You number six but not the newest. Deandre been training some new girls at they house and done had 4 mor since you. That what he can remember, cause all they b*****s be wantin him to get tone and fit trained. He charge more now and might start bringing his friend if a girl want to be trained twice harder. He tol me he can pay a little but i got to train them real hard lilk they like. I be workin hard at it. I never knos a girl will pay for the training now Im gonna buy me a buick sabre with 15 inch rim.

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