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Amy – Waste of marrying cereal cheater, health risk has stds can give hpv cancer.

Amy Mezo is her name. From Lee county, illinois area. However she uses poor guys to get different last names such as Anderson then married a keener. She goes after taken guys even when married. She has some mental disorders. Bi polar, schitzophrenia diagnoised. She has no remorse for her actions of going after guys that taken or breaking up homes. She’s insecure as she demanded one of the many taken guys to “put her 1st” aww poor her she envious and can be somewhat jealous about that.

Make sure you guys put another women before her haa. She hates it drives her crazy. She hasnt kept the same job in 10 years and sometimes quits. She isnt financially reliable because of this nor in general as a partner. She behaved possessive of her EXs who she had kids with. She tends to blame who her ex dates saying “she came between us” amy’s delusional that she even had a relationship with at least 2 her childrens dads/EXs. What i mean by delusional is she mentioned before she has schitzophrenia which people that have that have “delusions” and she told another person she has bi polar. An ex got told by one her past doctors she has multiple personalities as well. She does act like she has that. She acts like a little girl some days with marketed behavior changes then changes to another one of cheater ***** one. Seriously. She has no respect for her childrens fathers nor who they date and married to. Shes manipulative and likes to give out rotten or “expired” food on a rare occasion. Her behavior as a mom is bad. She went thru 3 different cases of loosing her rights to child protective services for big things. Neglect, abuse, domestic violence, being marked in past as unfit. She likes younger guys so she can legally say they raped her. I know of at least 1 guy she did that to in past. She has attacked other women in past so watch out. She has a droopy pot belly for 10 years and hasnt been pregnant for at least 8 years. Is not healthy person. She has chosen to engage in unprotected s*x with multiple guys who she put her lips on a herpe wart ***** . As well as high risk hpv ***** that gave her cancer and she can pass it to you. Cancer on your ***** , ***** , ***** r, vag. That is very important due to fact the women cheated on by her guy should seriously 560000% absolutely test for hpv, herpes, and clymida, and she has 1 more. The counties she lives in there has been huge outbreaks warnings from the health department. Not joking and they do let people in the county know. She flirts with everyone so your not anyone special if you got flirted with. She really is like that. She is a female player. She does keep her main 4 guys along with searching for a few others. She lies about her heritage saying she french what a b. And is really part Spanish. She is relentless about trying to break up a couple. Meaning she will spend at least 9 years literally trying. That consists of sometimes 3 days every week for awhile then 2 days a week for awhile then 4 then back to 2. She has no remorse for the hurt, heart break and pure rage violence towards a couple that she has. She is your typical baby momma. bitter, drama, disrespectful, dead beat about finances about the kids, she uses the kid as her weapon excuse and manipulates the kids fathers as part of her tactic to come between who they date or married to. She trys to make you believe its about the kid as for the contact she has but you find out it never is. She cheated on the 1st hubby then remarried different guy. She chested on 2nd hubby with 1st hubby and a few others. She had to move out of 1 town claiming the women wanted to beat her up for going after their men. Haaa what a ***** she is. So she marries to actually cheat. No it not agreed with husband for any open marriage. So be sure to let husband know. Her ***** hole very loose and wide from her constant many ***** s inside. She refused to buy her 1 kid food and the kid got caught looking in dumpsters around town. She threatens court to take away a fathers rights when she like this and will proove it wont be about the kid. Its about wanting to control the guy . She gives woman a bad name. She has no self respect even has been said by large group people to of prostituted herself in her younger years. She is constantly envious of his exs women. You cant be real friends with her. Shes not trustworthy as a friend. Nor lover or wife. Dont feel she deserves the title as wife due to not behaving correctly. She should be demanding hubby put her 1st instead she expects EXs to by screaming it to the EXs on occasion. She still knows some scrupulious bad dangerous people. Beware. She is selfish and self centered. She has no morales, no dignity, NO SHAME. She likes to spend a considerable amount of years canceling on time with her child to create issues with the fathers plans or schedules. As well as to have the guy feelin bad to choose the kid over his woman. Manipulative basicly. She opens her legs so much she didnt know who 2 her kids fathers were. 1 was found out with in yr. And other was 4 years later. She such a tramp she had to have multiple guys test in court. Way she comes after a woman’s relationship leaves you with long term emotional scars and post traumatic stress disorder. The resentment, anger, hatred, hurt can last a very long time. She likes to send love texts and flirty ones to the taken guy. She likes to convince him to add her on Facebook and a messenger type thing. She admits to having two guys in the evening sometimes 3. She has a smelly ***** due to diseases and not cleaning herself good. Which the nicest way of describing what really was said about her. She goes after your mans taken friends too to ruin their womans families as well as to start rumors about anyone of them when they resist and reject her for their woman. She threatens court if the ex chooses his girlfriend. She verbally abuses the exs girlfriends since she is envious and MISERABLE. She admits she enjoys breaking others up. She will go after your parents for s*x as well as flirt with them. She has gone after a exs moms boyfriend for oral s*x decades ago. She will turn the kids against liking accepting your girlfriends or wives. She then rejects her kid and will consistently cancel on time with kid. Just wants to make sure her kid has no woman who is a mom to him including herself. Shes selfish. She expects an ex to spend half of christmas day with her when he has a kid from another at home waiting! She has no respect to the woman’s kids an ex has. Screamin like a immature child “shes first” with in 1 month of an ex’s newborn child being born. Shes very disrespectful selfish uncaring unremorseful. Shes a ***** , a loser, a coward, a pathetic , unattractive, low IQ no degree holding or career working woman. For at least past 16 years. I hope she dies soon from her std s. She not a real mom nor wife. Has no business marrying and has no respect to any husband, vows, G*d, her parents, her kids and exs. She texts almost all day long to her ex bothering that guys woman. Amy goes on pyscho ramp pages screaming she needs first towards an EX. She is a rotten person. Evil intentioned and unremorseful. ***** . Shes trash. A homewrecker and a liar. She is a danger doesnt deserve custody of any kids. For example people who have schizophrenia like Ed Gein, whose a serial killer was diagnosed schizophrenic too and david berkowiz and personality disorders too. There are many sub types of schizophrenics. Like I already stated She has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bi-polar, schizoaffective disorder and many other psychosis-related conditions can be sufficient for a defendant to be certified as unfit to stand trial. Haaa go f yourself amy you belong in a mental ward. There have been paranoid schizophrenics who either murdered or assaulted another because “Voices” were telling him or her to kill. There are others who became visionary killers because the “voice of G*d” told them to punish sinners such as prostitutes. However, the hearing of these voices were their and the murderer did not know the difference between right and wrong at the time of the murder. when you have impaired reality testing as your core deficit, how can you know what is right or wrong when you can’t even tell what is real or imagined? So she shouldnt be allowed to have custody of any child.

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