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Cheating Spouse – Facts, Information, and Advice. So you have been cheated on by your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband your wife, your fiancé, or just someone who you had an understanding with. Share Your Cheating Story. Take a few minutes to tell your cheating story. We can all learn from other people's experiences and benefit from the comfort of others who have are in the same situation.

Melvin Mejia Highland Mills New York

This man is trouble. He will smile with his ‘Quiznos teeth’ (that’s what he called them not me- I never cared) and batt his big green eyes at you but is nothing but a pathological liar. He strung me along in a relationship for almost 2 years, claiming he had feelings for me. In the end, he threw me under the bus like a piece of trash which is exactly why I have snapped and put him on blast. He doesn’t deserve an ounce of my protection anymore!
I was a good girl to him for all that time, kept his secrets, and supported him like nobody else was supporting him! It was me he needed to support him! He said just hearing my voice comforted him. He ended up treated us like trash, and upsetting my son who adored him. I’ll never forgive him for any of that – because we did not deserve what he’s done. I showed him unconditional love and support and he showed me what a lying two faced coward he ended up being! A fraud of a man, when he knew I was hurt and had a real problem trusting men – he took advantage of that and said he would never hurt me (but he hurt ME MORE) and used me for what he could take, and to satisfy his sexual fantasies and to be his emotional support through all his many problems.

His little web of lies he had no issues lying to both me and his wife Andreina Mera / Mejia. He even developed a little system code that he used and I was not allowed to text after GN2 or before GM1 … he CLEARLY is well versed in this stuff and has done it before..
And there was me thinking he was special, and different and a deeper person than the shallow, deceitful coward he ended up being….. how could I of been so wrong?
I’ll never forgive this man as long as I live and I hope he knows that.
He should be ashamed of himself as a man. First he hurt his own mother, then the woman who gave him her everything when he was at his darkest. He hurt a boy who already had trauma, who cried over the fact Mel ended up another bad man in his life! We all knew the ‘I want to teach him how to ride, I want to take you guys hiking’ was bullshit. He just wanted to come to my home or the hotels and f*ck me and have me there on the end of the phone when he needed to vent about his miserable life!

Hey guess what, HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. You didn’t want to be blasted? You should of acted like a decent human being. I was good to you and you know it no matter what story you’ve told other people. I ended it, and you begged me not to…. don’t forget that. I would of never done this but you treated me like human waste. I’ll never forget the night in august 2020 you pretended to be sleeping in your car and calling me crying. Then immediately changing phone number. Ummm….. PATHOLOGICAL! Speechless! Speechless by that whole set of lies! Speechless, he makes my ex before seem like a saint!

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Phoenix Restoration's Owner, Paul Klann LIES and DOES NOT PAY AS PROMISED

Paul Klann of Phoenix Restorations deceived me. Whenever you see one of those Phoenix Restorations trucks driving by dangerously in Vancouver, Burnaby, or Coquitlam, know that I am speaking of the owner of this very restoration company. You may even have dealt with them before. They specialize in water damage and floods and work with property managers, stratas, and insurance companies. They are a large company so I would never have thought this would be the guy who would make financial promises he could not fulfill.

The more I think of what he did, the more upset I am for allowing him to take advantage of my situation. It is unconscionable that someone in his position would make false financial promises then cowardly ghost me after using me for sexual and emotional thrills. He behaved generously at first so I never had reason to doubt him.

I have made all efforts to resolve this issue personally but he thought and probably still thinks he can get away with the lies he fed me. He lied about his marital status, where he lives and several other things in order to lead me astray. He must have thought I would just go away nicely.

Herein lies the problem, I was always too nice, and too willing to please. I was there to console him when his dad passed, I listened to him and gave him my thoughts about his work problems and employees. I allowed him to vent; I would even sit there quietly giving him the space to blow his own horn. Heck, I even allowed him to talk me into getting a Costco massage table to bring to the hotel room for his massage s*x fantasies. That thing was heavy and I had to lie to my parents about why I had to keep it in their garage.

Paul had the nerve to feign affection and concern for me towards the end when he could have done the honourable thing and settled our outstanding issue and said goodbye to my face. I thought I could be bigger than this and forgive him but I cannot move on until I feel things are fair. I am doing my best. He did some nice things for me but I will always remember him as the doughy, pasty skinned hypochondriac weirdo who left me high and dry. The bald, middle-aged cliche of a man who brought plastic sheets, tape, and his own unscented soap to the room to recreate some boring p**n fantasy, the inconsiderate low-life who insisted on finishing in reverse cowgirl even though he knew my back hurt from dance class. Shame on you Paul Klann.

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Rite Aid in Ridgecrest Ca hired a convicted theif

I was totally blown away when I saw a picture posted on the internet December 19 2019 of employees at location 101 N. China Lake Blvd. Ridgecrest California 93555 7603750223 giving basically thumbs up. I could not believe this being posted, as employee Susan Tunget was one of the employees featured in the picture, standing in front of the tall bald guy in the back with his hands up. It is well known around Ridgecrest that this employee has been convicted on two counts of Welfare Fraud to Obtain Aid. This information can be found on The Kern County Superior Court website. If she had no problem committing fraud, are we to believe that she will not also steal from customers?

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Amy – Waste of marrying cereal cheater, health risk has stds can give hpv cancer.

Amy Mezo is her name. From Lee county, illinois area. However she uses poor guys to get different last names such as Anderson then married a keener. She goes after taken guys even when married. She has some mental disorders. Bi polar, schitzophrenia diagnoised. She has no remorse for her actions of going after guys that taken or breaking up homes. She’s insecure as she demanded one of the many taken guys to “put her 1st” aww poor her she envious and can be somewhat jealous about that.

Make sure you guys put another women before her haa. She hates it drives her crazy. She hasnt kept the same job in 10 years and sometimes quits. She isnt financially reliable because of this nor in general as a partner. She behaved possessive of her EXs who she had kids with. She tends to blame who her ex dates saying “she came between us” amy’s delusional that she even had a relationship with at least 2 her childrens dads/EXs. What i mean by delusional is she mentioned before she has schitzophrenia which people that have that have “delusions” and she told another person she has bi polar. An ex got told by one her past doctors she has multiple personalities as well. She does act like she has that. She acts like a little girl some days with marketed behavior changes then changes to another one of cheater ***** one. Seriously. She has no respect for her childrens fathers nor who they date and married to. Shes manipulative and likes to give out rotten or “expired” food on a rare occasion. Her behavior as a mom is bad. She went thru 3 different cases of loosing her rights to child protective services for big things. Neglect, abuse, domestic violence, being marked in past as unfit. She likes younger guys so she can legally say they raped her. I know of at least 1 guy she did that to in past. She has attacked other women in past so watch out. She has a droopy pot belly for 10 years and hasnt been pregnant for at least 8 years. Is not healthy person. She has chosen to engage in unprotected s*x with multiple guys who she put her lips on a herpe wart ***** . As well as high risk hpv ***** that gave her cancer and she can pass it to you. Cancer on your ***** , ***** , ***** r, vag. That is very important due to fact the women cheated on by her guy should seriously 560000% absolutely test for hpv, herpes, and clymida, and she has 1 more. The counties she lives in there has been huge outbreaks warnings from the health department. Not joking and they do let people in the county know. She flirts with everyone so your not anyone special if you got flirted with. She really is like that. She is a female player. She does keep her main 4 guys along with searching for a few others. She lies about her heritage saying she french what a b. And is really part Spanish. She is relentless about trying to break up a couple. Meaning she will spend at least 9 years literally trying. That consists of sometimes 3 days every week for awhile then 2 days a week for awhile then 4 then back to 2. She has no remorse for the hurt, heart break and pure rage violence towards a couple that she has. She is your typical baby momma. bitter, drama, disrespectful, dead beat about finances about the kids, she uses the kid as her weapon excuse and manipulates the kids fathers as part of her tactic to come between who they date or married to. She trys to make you believe its about the kid as for the contact she has but you find out it never is. She cheated on the 1st hubby then remarried different guy. She chested on 2nd hubby with 1st hubby and a few others. She had to move out of 1 town claiming the women wanted to beat her up for going after their men. Haaa what a ***** she is. So she marries to actually cheat. No it not agreed with husband for any open marriage. So be sure to let husband know. Her ***** hole very loose and wide from her constant many ***** s inside. She refused to buy her 1 kid food and the kid got caught looking in dumpsters around town. She threatens court to take away a fathers rights when she like this and will proove it wont be about the kid. Its about wanting to control the guy . She gives woman a bad name. She has no self respect even has been said by large group people to of prostituted herself in her younger years. She is constantly envious of his exs women. You cant be real friends with her. Shes not trustworthy as a friend. Nor lover or wife. Dont feel she deserves the title as wife due to not behaving correctly. She should be demanding hubby put her 1st instead she expects EXs to by screaming it to the EXs on occasion. She still knows some scrupulious bad dangerous people. Beware. She is selfish and self centered. She has no morales, no dignity, NO SHAME. She likes to spend a considerable amount of years canceling on time with her child to create issues with the fathers plans or schedules. As well as to have the guy feelin bad to choose the kid over his woman. Manipulative basicly. She opens her legs so much she didnt know who 2 her kids fathers were. 1 was found out with in yr. And other was 4 years later. She such a tramp she had to have multiple guys test in court. Way she comes after a woman’s relationship leaves you with long term emotional scars and post traumatic stress disorder. The resentment, anger, hatred, hurt can last a very long time. She likes to send love texts and flirty ones to the taken guy. She likes to convince him to add her on Facebook and a messenger type thing. She admits to having two guys in the evening sometimes 3. She has a smelly ***** due to diseases and not cleaning herself good. Which the nicest way of describing what really was said about her. She goes after your mans taken friends too to ruin their womans families as well as to start rumors about anyone of them when they resist and reject her for their woman. She threatens court if the ex chooses his girlfriend. She verbally abuses the exs girlfriends since she is envious and MISERABLE. She admits she enjoys breaking others up. She will go after your parents for s*x as well as flirt with them. She has gone after a exs moms boyfriend for oral s*x decades ago. She will turn the kids against liking accepting your girlfriends or wives. She then rejects her kid and will consistently cancel on time with kid. Just wants to make sure her kid has no woman who is a mom to him including herself. Shes selfish. She expects an ex to spend half of christmas day with her when he has a kid from another at home waiting! She has no respect to the woman’s kids an ex has. Screamin like a immature child “shes first” with in 1 month of an ex’s newborn child being born. Shes very disrespectful selfish uncaring unremorseful. Shes a ***** , a loser, a coward, a pathetic , unattractive, low IQ no degree holding or career working woman. For at least past 16 years. I hope she dies soon from her std s. She not a real mom nor wife. Has no business marrying and has no respect to any husband, vows, G*d, her parents, her kids and exs. She texts almost all day long to her ex bothering that guys woman. Amy goes on pyscho ramp pages screaming she needs first towards an EX. She is a rotten person. Evil intentioned and unremorseful. ***** . Shes trash. A homewrecker and a liar. She is a danger doesnt deserve custody of any kids. For example people who have schizophrenia like Ed Gein, whose a serial killer was diagnosed schizophrenic too and david berkowiz and personality disorders too. There are many sub types of schizophrenics. Like I already stated She has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bi-polar, schizoaffective disorder and many other psychosis-related conditions can be sufficient for a defendant to be certified as unfit to stand trial. Haaa go f yourself amy you belong in a mental ward. There have been paranoid schizophrenics who either murdered or assaulted another because “Voices” were telling him or her to kill. There are others who became visionary killers because the “voice of G*d” told them to punish sinners such as prostitutes. However, the hearing of these voices were their and the murderer did not know the difference between right and wrong at the time of the murder. when you have impaired reality testing as your core deficit, how can you know what is right or wrong when you can’t even tell what is real or imagined? So she shouldnt be allowed to have custody of any child.

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Alice’s Birthday Fisting

Then my words failed me as I felt Sir move his thumb off my ***** and into my hole, slowly he rubbed and prodded until he found the right angle and then he was in.“Sir! Sir, slow please Sir!” I begged as I was sure I was about to be ripped apart. Never have I had ever felt so spread and so full.

The walls of my hole molded around the shape of his hand holding him as tight as they could, protecting me from the inevitable onslaught that was about to come.

The one thing Alice wanted above all else was to finally be fisted. We had talked about it for weeks, months even. In fact since we met on line about 6 months ago. The first few weeks we just got to know each other by email and on the phone. Our second meeting was our first weekend together. It was incredible – we barley left the bedroom. I ***** ed Alice in every hole three, maybe four times and she took it all and came back for more. Her desire was unmatched by any lady I had every met and it was only exceeded by her enthusiasm. Tomorrow, yes tomorrow was going to be different.

Very different. ————– Ben seemed different from all the other guys I talked to. Confident, cheeky and very knowledgeable when it came to conversations about s*x. We had met on line and started to get to know each other quite well. The last time we met we ***** ed for the whole weekend ordering takeout so we didn’t have to leave the room. Ben new his way around a woman’s body I left that Sunday night feeling sore and deeply satisfied. Sa ***** ay was my birthday and the only present I wanted was to have a persons fist inside my ***** . I have had ***** s black, pink, white, double-enders and massive fat ones. I have taken the biggest, fattest ***** s I could find but still craved the one and only thing that I was yet to tick off the list. I have found most guys talk the talk but when it comes to it don’t have a clue. Some just are too bull at the gates or should I say flaps. Others get started and then back out worried they might break me or split me or something. Either way my soul still burned for it and Ben promised me it for my Birthday.

I fully intended to enjoy my present. ———- The following day I arrived at Alice’s place and she let me in. It was three minutes from the beach, which suited her long blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. She was fit and her body was taut. She surfed and practiced Yoga regularly and her physique showed it. Alice let me in and I handed her a bottle of Penfold’s Grange for later. I know how wine takes her edge off and I haven’t found better than a good Grange for a celebration. I also needed her nice and relaxed for later as I was going to give her, the present she wanted.

She wrapped her arms around me and closed the door behind us as we walked into the kitchen. It was three in the afternoon and Alice had already taken the top off a bottle of champagne and was three quarters through when I arrived.

Ben arrived about three in the afternoon. My ***** had been on fire all day every part of me just wanted it and wanted him. Wanted to be filled. I had already ***** ed myself three times with my soft fleshy 9-inch fat boy. That was before I even opened my eyes. (I had it by the bed after ***** ing myself with it last night so I just used it again this morning.)

I got up and went out and did my walk on the beach then headed to the little grassy spot where I sit and watch the waves roll in and meditate. Then I did my yoga session before walking back home again. But today I struggled to concentrate. My ***** kept interrupting. It wanted more so I stretched my limbs and went home and took out the fattest ***** I have.

It’s fat and about 7 inches long and brown in color. It’s not as soft as my fleshy one but not so hard as to feel totally fake. Slowly I slid it inside me, working my ***** and pushing it in getting past my lips and into my woman’s nest is always hard, but I always seem to find the way. I lay with my legs spread wide and played with my ***** until I came. The feeling of this protruding monster, along with thoughts in my head of Ben coming over to fist me, made me explode and I came everywhere; juice spraying all over the bedding as the ***** ripped through my body like a cyclone leaving me totally exhilarated in its wake.

About 20 minutes before Ben arrived I couldn’t sit still. So I went back upstairs and got my black long double-ended ***** and had some fun. The lube next to my bed made it easy for it to slide it into my ***** and my a*s and I expertly used both ends to ***** both of my lower holes until I came. First in my a*s, then in my ***** , then an almighty explosion as I pumped both to climax. Still I yearned for more; I yearned for Ben and his fist. Finally he arrived. “Its great to see you, I have been so ***** all day. I just can’t shake it.” I said. “Did you bring my present?” I asked. Ben smiled. 

I could see that Alice was ***** and needed a ***** ing. I didn’t know if she would be able to wait until that night. I took my hands out of my jacket pocket and extended them to her. On each wrist was a ribbon. “Go on then open them.” I said. Alice’s face lit up and she smiled so bright. “For me? Oh you shouldn’t have! And two of them!” She pulled on one of the bows and it fell to the floor. Then she pulled the other, again letting the ribbon fall away. “Do you like them?” I asked. “I sure do. It’s just what I wanted.” she said with a smile, pouring me a drink and topping up her own at the same time.

Ben pulled his hands out of his pockets both of them had a ribbon wrapped around each wrist, the ribbon was blue on one hand and a deep crimson on the other the ends frayed and the bows perfectly shaped. They were the best present I had ever received and I couldn’t wait to make good use of them . My ***** had a sudden rush of pleasure and I felt the juice start to run down my leg. I couldn’t wait I didn’t care for the niceties any way. I poured Ben a drink and filled up my glass once again. I was ready at easy and truly wanton. I sat looking at ben him telling me about his day but in truth all I could think about was him throwing me down and ***** ing me senseless like he did the last time we met. I held his hand in mine imagining it going inside me I wanted nothing else.

“Ben I have ***** ed my self three times today. I want my present and I want it now . Please give it to me, please fist my wanton hole.” I lifted my skirt and showed him my bare ***** . He could see the juice marks on my legs and new I was ready for him as I spread my legs wide for him to see. He looked at me not shocked or maybe he was that I had took so long spread my legs the first time we met I said hi I’m Alice nice to me you now ***** me. So her was here for twenty minutes before I gave in to my desires. 

Alice was on fire. She stood in the kitchen lifting her skirt high and showing me her beautiful, shaved bare ***** . “It is so beautiful my dear.” I said, knowing what she wanted but making her work hard to get it. To earn it in a way I guess. “Ah Alice it’s early – there’s time for this later – let’s enjoy the moment right now.” Once again I knew this would push her ***** ons a little bit more. “Ben it’s my Birthday and I’ll get ***** ed if I want to& ***** ip; that’s how the song goes. You promised me a fisting and that’s what you are going to give me.” She stood like a child having a tantrum stamping her feet and spreading her legs wide, running her fingers over her ***** lips and ***** . “Taste me Ben it’s ready.” she said I held out the fingers I’d just rubbed all over my ***** .

They were now covered in my juice. “Well taste me Ben – I’m ready.” I said. No was not an option. Ben moved closer and I put my two fingers in his mouth. His mouth was warm and soft and he sucked long and hard on both fingers at first then one and the other. As he did I felt two of his fingers disappear inside me. As I said, he knows his way around and found my g-spot immediately. Within a few strokes I was ***** , my legs spreading wider as he continued to suck my fingers clean and finger- ***** my hole.  Alice was in no mood for waiting, and what Alice wants Alice usually goes out and gets.

Her fingers slid into my mouth. She tasted as good as I remembered. I sucked and licked her fingers then reached down and slid two then three fingers inside her and rubbed her g-spot making her c*m providing me with extra play juice for what was about to unfold. “That’s a good girl Alice, you want them inside you don’t you Alice?” I said. Alice pulled me close to her. Her mouth was inches from my ear. “Yes I do Ben I really do need them inside me.” she said her demands gone and her want on show. “Take me to your bedroom I want your first time to be on your bed.” I said and she led the way. Although her place was light and airy, her room was dark. The windows were covered in a thick purple curtain which stopped all the light from shining its warming glow on us. Candles were ablaze all around the room giving it a soft light haze. The sent of s*x and candle filled the air. “Are you sure this is what you want Alice? Really sure?” I asked knowing her answer before she said it. “Yes Ben I need it you know I do.” she replied.

In my bedroom I had already lit all the candles in preparation for Ben’s arrival. The roomed smelled of my two-favorite things s*x and sandalwood candle wax. It made me feel at ease, at peace, at one with myself. Ben looked at me and stopped he asked “Is this really what you want to do Alice?” “Yes” was my answer. Ben looked me up and down as he took a step back. “Take off your clothes.” he commanded. I lifted my shirt over my head and slid my skirt down over my a*s and let it fall to the floor. I started to reach down to take off the short socks with frills at the top, but Ben told me to leave them on. “What is your safe word Alice?” he asked. “White rabbit, my safe word is white rabbit.” I had used it before and it always comes to mind if I need it. “That’s a good girl, now go lay on the bed ready for me.” he said.

Alice was more then ready and I asked her to take her clothes off to make sure she knew she was in the moment. As in life many moments rush by without us even knowing we had them. She confirmed her safe word and lay on the bed as I instructed. “Ben just one more thing. Can I please call you Sir – it just seems right?” she asked “Sure Alice of course you can. Your safe word is white rabbit and you are choosing to let me slide my whole fist inside your delicious sweet hole. Is this right?” I asked again, keeping her in the moment. My hand and fingers were running over her mound, as my mouth found hers and we kissed, not for the first time and defiantly not for the last. “Yes Sir that is what I want. Please Sir take me there.” she begged. We locked lips again as one of my fingers traced the outer walls of her pleasure pit. 

I was ready. Ben, now Sir as I wanted him to be, was kissing me. My heart was racing as I felt his fingers trace the outline of my joy. ‘Am I ready, am I?’ I was no longer sure of anything, just the pleasure I was receiving from Sir’s touch and the safety and comfort of his kiss. “Do it Please Sir.” I pleaded. Sir continued to kiss me, then make his way to my hardened nipples which were standing straining and begging to be touched. His fingers; two? Three? I wasn’t sure, explored me deep inside. His voice was calm and reassuring keeping me relaxed as he explored me. “I want some lube Alice.” I head him say. “I want your juice as lube, c*m for me, c*m now.” His words were now controlling my body and I came as soon as he demanded it. I juiced up everywhere as the ***** I was having swept through my body blocking out every other sense except pleasure. All I knew was Sir was fingering me, working three maybe four fingers inside my eagerly spreading ***** and I was happier then I had ever been in my life.

Alice lay back, her legs spread wide apart and my three fingers worked her ***** rubbing one side of her walls then the other, moving so my fingers could rub the base of her tunnel and stretch it just a little more and more each time. My thumb worked her ***** , which ensured a constant source of juicy lube. I could feel Alice’s walls contract on my three fingers when I told her to c*m and like a good girl she did on cue. I worked my now four fingers straight with just a bit of curve on each. I worked them in and out of her and she opened wider and wider at my will. “Alice are you ready? You have had four fingers inside you before. Are you ready to go all the way? Tell me Alice are you ready to be fisted?” The words sent a pleasure bust through her. Alice’s eyes rolled back into her head and her body went limp then tight in pleasure. She couldn’t speak and just let her ***** take her to her own private pleasure place. I continued to pump her. I moved her legs into the air and changed the angles and the pitch of my fingers shoving them all the way into her and past my knuckles.

I felt his four fingers reach into me and I knew it was coming. I was so scared, scared it would hurt, scared I would rip or break or be wrecked for any other man ever again. But I didn’t care, it was time, Sir said so and I wanted my present. “Yes Sir, do it please. Fist my hole.” Then my words failed me as I felt Sir move his thumb off my ***** and into my hole, slowly he rubbed and prodded until he found the right angle and then he was in. “Sir! Sir, slow please Sir!” I begged as I was sure I was about to be ripped apart. Never have I had ever felt so spread and so full. The walls of my hole molded around the shape of his hand holding him as tight as they could, protecting me from the inevitable onslaught that was about to come. Each ripple, each tickle, every move sent waves of pain and pleasure through me. I was scared so scared. “Alice! Alice!” I heard Sir calling my name. “You did it Alice, you have my hand inside you. All the way Alice.” I heard him say I HAD A FIST INSIDE ME. I exploded. My ***** grabbed hold as tight as it could and I screamed and wailed. Sir seized the moment and slowly rocked with my motion his hand now open sliding out of me and then closed back inside. It was finally here, the moment I had waited on for such a long time was here and I loved it. I could feel my body give in to Sir’s wants and my legs fell open as wide as ever. “That’s it Alice, give in to your desires and your wants. That’s it, you are such a good girl.”

– My hand was now working in and out of Alice’s now fisted ***** , taking her beyond anything that she had ever felt before. And the constant moaning assured me that she was fine. “More Alice? Do you want the fisting? Do you want it harder?” “I am not sure Sir!” she cried. Her eyes were rolling. She was looking at me then looking at the ceiling her eyes were disappearing into the back of her head. Her legs stayed wide and her body just accommodated any position I put it in. She was willing and wanton and her ***** had just broken its fisting virginity. I worked her faster, in and out, again and again, the inner flesh of her love tunnel grasping and releasing with every thrust. “Alice there’s one more thing you need to do. I want you to hold my arm and help me slide my hand inside you.”

Sir told me to grab his arm, he wanted to me to help him. Help him slide his fingers, his fist, deep inside me I shook at the thought and I was so scared to even touch his arm. “NO SIR NO! I& ***** ip; I can’t Sir, don’t make me& ***** ip;Please!” she begged her body now trembling. “Alice I am not asking you, now do it!” She reached out and found my arm grabbing it with both hands. “Now move it up and down I commanded!” she shook her head. “No! No, its too much!” she called out. “Do it Alice – you want it do it!” I knew she wanted it, she needed to be taken there.

Alice started to lift my arm up and slowly pushing my fingers deeper inside her with every stroke. “You see that’s not so bad Alice is it?” “No sir! Thank you sir.” she said. I pulled my fist out of her now. “Alice I want to ***** you.” “Yes Sir ***** me! Please ***** me I want ***** now!” Sir climbed on top of me and slid his ***** in my battered ***** . It was swollen and his ***** seemed bigger then the thick 8 inches he was gifted with. “Sir, you have grown Sir? You’re stretching me.” I said. I could feel every ridge of him, every ***** p, the roundness of his head as it entered and the lip of the base of the head as it left me.

Everything was so sensitive so alive and real. Sir hadn’t broken me he had fixed me. I lay close to Alice, slowly working my way inside her, making love to her well pumped hole. I felt her walls hot and tight spread around me as I entered and pulled out of her. “Alice it’s time.” She knew what that meant. I was about to c*m and I chose not to delay. I chose to cool her red-hot hole down with my love juice. I arched my back high as the impulses of pleasure took over and rode until the explosions met at the base of my ***** and raced up my shaft.

I felt every pulse of My Sir’s ***** , every touch of his man jewels on my ***** . I was on the biggest ride of my life and totally at one with My Sir. I fell his body tense and I knew what was next and willed him to c*m. He told me when and my walls clenched and squeezed and clenched again milking the hot soothing love juice Sir offered me to mend my fisted hole. As Sir pulled me close I had never felt so satisfied and contented in my life. My mind at was at peace and and my body well spent. This was the best birthday present ever. 

Alice lay in my arms at peace with the world and I was proud of her& ***** ip; but wondered what I could get her next year for her birthday.

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