Savannah Macomber — St. Louis, Missouri

She pursues married men that have money. She wants to get pregnant by your husband. This girl v****a smells like blue cheese. She wants your man inside her. Savannah’s a*s used to be a fat a*s. The a*s she got the fat from was a little droopy. Firmness counts, especially when it’s that same a*s that helped her f**k off a hockey team. She had a little help from her one girlfriend who had the xanex that day, and she tooted extra hard, She has a reputation around the city and is very easy and DRD’S disease infested, Floozy.

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  1. Got a few extra bucks? You can toss them at Savannah and she’s your b***h for the hour. You just have to make her think you’re rich, lies work well, she’s slow.

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