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Kevin Poe — Pevely, Missouri

This is Johna Poe. She is by far the nastiest, saggiest t*t broad in Pevely. Her husband is so oblivious that she’s trash that they bend together and bully people on the internet and then pretend how in love they are when everyone knows their youngest daughter isn’t even her husbands kid but they brush that under the carpet. Johna goes for women and men and from what I’ve heard has even hooked up with her boss, her husbands biological father and there is speculation that Johna has had inappropriate contact with her own father in her younger years. She needs to put a clamp on her clam because she is looking torn up from the floor up these days. When family members ask if she’s pregnant it means either they think she’s hoeing around again or she’s packing on the pounds in the middle. Her husband, Kevin likes to post people on hate sites like these and then pretend he’s a victim and post photos of his wifes saggy saddlebags and she comments, “I’ll get naked for you anytime.” Yeah naked for him and the whole city of Pevely I’m sure. If their lawyer wasn’t gay and having “friendships” with Kevin’s brother I’m sure Johna would try to get in his pants too. What a shame their oldest is heading in the same direction as mama.

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