Tiffany Daniel Childers

This woman was married to a man for over 10 years when she met and began working with a man named Jonathan Shavers who was himself, married. So when Jonathan’s car quit running she offered her services for getting him back and forth to work. Those weren’t the only services she offered. They began sleeping together on the way to work in the mornings. Tiffany actually met Jonathan’s wife when the two families went swimming together at a local lake. While Jonathan’s wife was on the bank watching them have fun with the black eye that Jonathan himself had given her, Tiffany and Jonathan were holding hands under water. This homewrecking w***e broke up a marriage on top of her own with no hesitation. She has no respect for fell females nor herself, and definitely qualifies as a cheater.

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  1. Now the two exes can hook up and everything will be fresh and exciting for all, just trade partners every 7-10 years. Then they can hold hands above water, unless the sneaky stuff is an aphrodisiac for the relationship. Either way, Tiffany has made a decision and Jonathan can get back and forth to work. Win win

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