Courtney Iverson — Maple Grove, Minnesota

Don’t believe this woman she will leave you with nothing and she will go out of state to see other guys. She will wait until she eats all the food in the house and then goes out and f**k guys for money she will make you think she loves you and then leaves after she gets her check. Beware don’t trust this woman.

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  1. She lives in the shed and trying to move up, get on same level as model with low self esteem and low pay for pictures she sell on the internet.

  2. Sometimes she lock the kid in shed to teach him a lesson, like when he took her vibrator to school for show and tell and told the class it was a rocket headed for the moon – it sent her threw the roof and the kid has to learn, if daddy would have just stuck around…

  3. Courtney started a go-fund-me page to help her get a woodstove for the shed, the nights have been very cool and her blankets are wore out from dragging fire wood daily. She only needs another $6438. Please help, it gets very cold in Minnesota.

  4. I hope she don’t leave that little boy in the shed while she’s out Ho ing around, it gets so cold at night and he is too little to be looking after hiself. Poor little feller will catch a cold and take it ti school and spread the germs.

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