Timothy Leach — Detroit, Michigan

Dirty Cop Timothy Leach is covering up his criminal activity. He got suspended from the Detroit Police Department where he was Commander. He beat a man so severely that it nearly killed him and eyewitnesses said the victim was not the problem, Timothy was doing an amateur shakedown. He received skull fractures, a brain contusion, and partial bone removal, all because he learned the dirty commander was cheating on his side b***h with a side tranny who goes by Kanye Chest. A dirty cop with a dirty d**k for side d**k.

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  1. This n***a crazy say he gonna kill me and hide the body if I don’t tell him about all the mens that be f****n with his girl. He say he know she a cheating Ho an he wants to know about her an her lover men. He a mean n***a that probly will kill somebody.

  2. He used to be undercover with the neighbor woman til old boy came home from work early an slice his initials in this dude ride and slit two tires after he see him come out his house when he turn down the street. This man a narc for the police but he get scared of this big ol country boy and don’t creep to see his ol lady no more.

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