Patty Savvy — Detroit, Michigan

Where to began with Patty Savvy this hot mess was adopted by a white family in the Milford area, This Cheater is a high school drop out. She is hated by all the woman where we live because she is f*****g and sucking every girl’s man. All this b***h does is lie and cheat and steal for drugs and other stuff and she is a so-called modal yeah ok funny. She is 23 and acts like a slutty kid. You mess with this b***h she will f**k your world up.

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  1. Patty wants to open a sperm bank and take deposits in her mouth 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. She’s practicing the taking of deposits and you can drop a deposit almost anytime she’s in the bar. She uses the bathroom for an office and is on the map and wants to share with other s***s who want to bank in bathrooms.

  2. Patty put that tongue back in your mouth, people will start talking again, think you’re trying to seduce another married man. I know you don’t care but you could at least hide your enthusiasm a little for the sake of your family!

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