Mimi Lulgjraj — Detroit, Michigan

Mimi is an aging sidepiece who sleeps around for botox and plastic surgery and purses and shoes and jewelry and spending money and the w***e mama hardly ever sees her three kids, passes them off and lets them watch after each other. Her fake t**s are a little saggy and she calls a stupid yet big-spending married man she’s been f*****g and starts crying. He’ll be there in a couple of hours and she makes the appointment while she’s waiting for the trust. He can’t f**k for s**t but she’s a professional moaner and his checks never bounce. She eats another Xanax and uses her big black d***o, sets it on turbo mode, gets off quickly and touches up her makeup. She doesn’t want to spend a lot of time, decides on car s*x, licks her lips and looks in the mirror at her saggy t**s. She can’t wait to see the doctor, her pills are running low and she knows he will lift her up. Where’s dumbass, he’s usually early?

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  1. I thought she was the hostess and asked her wear I could check my coat. She patted my arm and winked, said she was one of the owners and she would make an exception and personally watch my coat, it would be at her house when I was ready to leave. She seems like a tramp who’s ready to cheat, I’m glad my date showed up on time.

  2. Mimi got lips and a*s and you would think she would know how to give a proper b*****b. She struggles and you basically have to face f**k her to get any satisfaction, she catches on slowly and forgets the next time she sucks your d**k.

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